Google It: A History of Google By Anna Crowley Redding

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Google It: A History of Google By Anna Crowley Redding. Anna Crowley Redding, an award-winning investigative reporter, offers a remarkable story of ingenuity, personal and intellectual fortitude, and, most significantly, shooting for the moon to change the world in Google It.

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Consider, invent, organize, and share. Don’t be nefarious. And you’re going to alter the world. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were two Stanford undergraduates with a crazy idea: they would arrange the entire world’s knowledge. They built one of the world’s most important and inventive companies with just one seemingly simple purpose.

The word “google” has even become a verb in our lexicon. Now you can learn the true story of Google, from its humble origins as a thesis project fashioned out of “stolen” gear and inexpensive toys to a glimpse of where they can take us next.

A History of Google Release Date

Book Name:     Brief History of Google
Publisher:Square Fish 
Publishing Date(29 June 2021)
Language :English
ISBN :125079210X
Page240 pages

Aurthor: A History of Google

Google It, Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World, and Black Hole Chasers are among Anna Crowley Redding’s works. Crowley Redding, an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter who has won many Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press honors, uses her investigative reporting abilities to delve into interesting themes influencing our world.

Her work has been translated into several languages, has received national attention, and has been recognized for excellence by the National Association of Science Teachers. Crowley Redding and her family live just outside of Portland, Maine.

Conclusion:Google It: A History of Google By Anna Crowley Redding

.Have you ever wondered what Google is doing with the billions of cash it makes from its products? Then this book could give you a short introduction to the galaxy of Google products, from those already ingrained in our daily digital lives to those still in their infancy. Strongly recommended for young engineers who wish to build a name for themselves in the high-tech field!

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