ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed (523)

ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed (523)
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ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed. Best for relaxing the center of the palm and the fingers. A pointed ball gives us a quick, precise massage.


  • Enhances digestion and reduces perspiration in the palms.
  • It is composed of premium materials.

Additional Information: ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed

BRAND NAME :ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed
Code :523
Price :Moq 100 Pcs Contact- 8802600363
Size(L*W*H) :5x5x5 cm
Weight25 gm


ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed (523)
ACS Acupressure Energy Ball – Pointed (523)

Product Description: Spiky Massage Balls for Foot

Selection of stiffness: You can apply various balls to the body sections that need varying amounts of pressure. To keep tension under control, gradually and gently increase the stiffness of the massage balls.

Use everywhere: The balls are portable and light in weight. They may be used anywhere, whether it be at home, work, or on the road.

Environment-friendly: All of the balls are constructed odorless, and durable.

All-body: Each ball’s firmness has been pre-set at the factory to accommodate the most common usage, including foot, back, neck, shoulder, muscle, or fascia massage.

Fine-tunable: You can use a standard ball pump to add or release air to further alter the massage ball’s stiffness (ball pump not included).

Top reviews from Customers

The three various intensities are crucial. On the ball of my right foot, I apply them. On occasion, while I’m outside, the ball of my foot suddenly gets uncomfortable and is difficult to walk on. I have a ball in my purse and utilize it under the table at restaurants so that I can walk once again.

My therapist in motion adored them. She noted the details so she might suggest them to her clients who were experiencing comparable issues. Also nice packing. I’m grateful and impressed.


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