Advanced Futures Trading Strategies

Advanced Futures Trading Strategies
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Robert Carver, a seasoned and accomplished professional trader, has developed over thirty trading systems exclusively for trading futures name of Advanced Futures Trading Strategies

About the Author: Advanced Futures Trading Strategies

An independent trader, investor, and author, Robert Carver. Before leaving the field in 2013, he spent more than ten years working in the City of London. Robert worked as a portfolio manager for AHL, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world, where he was in charge of developing the fund’s fundamental global macro strategy and managing its multibillion-dollar fixed income portfolio. Robert previously traded exotic derivative products for Barclays Investment Bank.

Advanced Futures Trading StrategiesAdvanced Futures Trading Strategies

He is currently a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London, and holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics. Robert uses the strategies described in his books to trade his own portfolio.

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