(47 Book Series) Alice Hoffman Books in Order Audiobook 2023

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American famous writer Alice Hoffman Books in Order has written 47, including the famous book Practical Magic series and 2nd famous standalone novel. This article provides Alice Hoffman’s Books in Order list in full detail.

The audiobook version of her coming famous novel which name is Invisible Hours are expected that will release on dated August 15, 2023. If you want to listen to an Audiobook of these famous novelties you can go to various sources such as amazon, Audiobooks, and many more.

Alice Hoffman Books in Order

Name of BooksPub-YearAuthorPrint VersionAudiobook
O mundo que conhecíamos2022Alice HoffmanKindleAudiobook
Practical Magic2022Alice HoffmanKindleAudiobook
Lições de Magia2022Alice HoffmanKindleAudiobook
The Book of Magic2022Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Bookstore Sisters2022Alice HoffmanKindleAudiobook
The Book of Magic2021Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Magic Lessons2020Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The World That We Knew2019Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Rules of Magic2017Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Faithful2016Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Marriage of Opposites2015Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Nightbird2015Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Museum of Extraordinary Things2014Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Conjure2014Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Red Garden2013Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Dovekeepers2011Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Green Witch2011Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Story Sisters2010Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Third Angel2009Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Skylight Confessions2008Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Incantation2007Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Ice Queen2006Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Foretelling2005Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Moondog2005Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook

Alice Hoffman Books in Order Details Summary

Alice Hoffman Books in Order


Blackbird House2004Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Water Tales2004Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Probable Future2003Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Green Angel2003Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Indigo2003Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Blue Diary2002Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Aquamarine2001Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The River King2001Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Horsefly2000Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Local Girls2000Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Fireflies1999Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Here on Earth1999Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Practical Magic1997Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Second Nature1995Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Turtle Moon1994Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Seventh Heaven1992Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
At Risk1990Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Illumination Night1988Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Fortune’s Daughter1987Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
White Horses1985Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Angel Landing1982Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
The Drowning Season1980Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook
Property Of1977Alice HoffmanHardcoverAudiobook


Author: Alice Hoffman Books in Order

The Invisible Hour, her newest book, will be released in August 2023. In addition to Practical Magic, The Dovekeepers, Magic Lessons, and The Book of Magic, Alice Hoffman is the author of thirty fiction books. She’s a Boston resident.


In what order should I read Alice Hoffman’s Magic Books?

  1. Practical Magic
  2. The Rules of Magic.
  3. Magic Lessons.
  4. The Book of Magic

Who writes like Alice Hoffman?

  • Alice Hoffman

Who narrates Practical Magic?

  • Robin Swicord
  • Adam Brooks
  • Akiva Goldsman


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