All Halo Books Series in Order Audiobook 2023

All Halo Books Series in Order
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The popular Halo book series is based on the military science fiction category. This is actually an adaption of the well-known video game Halo Books in Order, which was made by the Bungie software business. All Halo Books Series in Order is also provided. In this post, we’ll discuss the Hello series, one of the most well-known fiction series.


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Here is the most suggested order for the Halo books; you can also purchase them by clicking on their covers. Let’s get started, and you ought to start with the individual Halo novels. By the way, you can purchase any of these books by simply clicking on their covers:

All Halo Books Series in Order Audiobook 2023All Halo Books Series in Order Audiobook 2023

All Halo Books in Order

BOOK NAMEPub_YEARBuy or Download
The Fall of ReachYear- 2001Buy or Download
The FloodYear-2003Buy or Download
First StrikeYear-2003Buy or Download
Ghosts of OnyxYear-2006Buy or Download
Contact HarvestYear-2007Buy or Download
The Cole ProtocolYear-2008Buy or Download
Broken CircleYear-2014Buy or Download
New BloodYear-2015Buy or Download
Hunters in the DarkYear-2015Buy or Download
Saint’s TestimonyYear-2015Buy or Download
Last LightYear-2015Buy or Download
Shadow of IntentYear-2015Buy or Download
Smoke and ShadowYear-2016Buy or Download
EnvoyYear-2017Buy or Download
RetributionYear-2017Buy or Download
Legacy of OnyxYear-2017Buy or Download
Bad BloodYear-2018Buy or Download
RenegadesYear-2019Buy or Download


All Halo Books Series in Order Audiobook 2023All Halo Books Series in Order Audiobook 2023

Halo Graphic Novels Books in Order


The Halo Graphic NovelYear – 2006Buy or Download
Halo Wars: GenesisYear -2009Buy or Download
UprisingYear -2007Buy or Download
HelljumperYear -2009Buy or Download
Blood LineYear -2009Buy or Download
Fall of Reach: Boot CampYear -2011Buy or Download
Fall of Reach: CovenantYear -2011Buy or Download
Fall of Reach: InvasionYear- 2012Buy or Download
InitiationYear -2013Buy or Download
Escalation, Vol. 1Year -2013Buy or Download


Halo Companion Books List

  • The Art of Halo: Creating a Virtual World
  • The Art of Halo 3
  • Halo Encyclopedia
  • Halo: The Essential Visual Guide
  • The Great Journey: The Art of Building Worlds
  • Awakening: The Art of Halo 4
  • Halo 4: The Essential Visual Guide

Halo Forerunner Trilogy Books In Orders

  • Cryptum -2011
  • Primordium – 2012
  • Silentium – 2013


Do you want the All Halo Books in chronological order? If so, you can find them right here. If you appreciate this video game series, you are in luck since there are many Halo novels available for you to read. You may locate a helpful list of the Halo books in chronological sequence, but if you’re not sure where to begin, start with Fall of Reach.

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