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Amaozn The Everything Store Summary

In the 2013 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. got going conveying books through the mail. In any case, its visionary originator, Jeff Bezos, wasn’t happy with being a book retailer.

He needed Amazon to turn into the everything store, offering boundless determination and tempting comfort at problematically low costs. To accomplish that end, he fostered a corporate culture of tireless desire and mystery that is rarely been broken. As of not long ago…

Brad Stone appreciated phenomenal admittance to current and previous Amazon representatives and Bezos relatives, giving perusers the first top to bottom, eavesdropper record of life at Amazon.

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Contrasted with tech’s other world-class trendsetters – Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg – Bezos is a private man. The Everything Store is the noteworthy, conclusive history of the organization that put one of the first and biggest wagers on the Internet and everlastingly changed how we shop and read.

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About the Author of The Everything Store

  • Brad Stone
  • Pete Larkin (Narrator)
  • Random House Audiobooks (Publisher)

The Everything Store Audiobook Release Date

  • Language English
  • Release Date December 05, 2013

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