Amazon Easy Ship Weight and Dimensions Recommendation

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Amazon Easy Ship Weight and Dimensions Recommendation is Effective May 3, 2022, we started recommending weight and dimensions for your Easy Ship orders at the time of scheduling to improve your pickup experience. If you feel these recommended values are incorrect, you can update the values before scheduling the pickup for your Easy Ship orders.

Starting August 2, 2022, you will not be able to schedule Easy Ship orders if you enter the weight and dimension values of your package outside the recommended range. However, you will be able to schedule your orders by entering values within the recommended range.

If you believe the recommended values are incorrect, we recommend you to schedule the order within the recommended range and provide the correct weight and dimensions by submitting valid image proofs through the survey link below within 15 days of scheduling the order.

Image proofs can be submitted at an ASIN level but not at an order level. If you receive incorrect recommendations on multiple orders for a particular ASIN, you can submit weight and dimension images for that ASIN. Once verified, we will update the recommendations for that ASIN.

We will notify you whether your request has been approved or rejected via email. If it is verified that the recommended values are incorrect, we will refund any additional fee charged due to the incorrect recommendation within 15 business days for all the affected orders.

We will also recommend verified values in the future on the basis of submitted proofs to improve your scheduling experience.  As an Easy Ship seller, you must acknowledge and agree with the Amazon Easy Ship Service and Runway Program Terms and Conditions.

You are responsible for providing accurate weight and dimension details while scheduling pickups for your orders.


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