Atharva – The Origin (A New Age Graphic Novel) featuring MS Dhoni

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Atharva – The Origin (A New Age Graphic Novel) featuring MS Dhoni. Virzu Studios’ “Atharva The Origin” is a new-age graphic novel project starring MS Dhoni as a superhero. The story is set in a very young world in a long-forgotten era when a warrior embarks on a perilous and lone trip.

That voyage is chronicled in ‘Atharva,’ which takes the hero and you on an awe-inspiring excursion through wonderful regions and exotic monsters — a true delight for the spirit and senses. We labored with a team of artists for several years to construct the Mystical realm of Atharva to provide readers with an immersive experience.

This graphic novel transports readers to another universe with over 150 lifelike drawings that depict the thrilling and raunchy story.

Atharva the Origin Release Date

Book Name:     Atharva – The Origin (A New Age Graphic Novel) featuring MS Dhoni
Publisher:Virzu Studios 
Publishing Date(20 February 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :978-8195622160

About Author: Atharva the Origin Amazon

 Ramesh Thamilmani

Conclusion: Atharva the Origin

This is an excellent book!!! It’s simply amazing…. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and it’s finally arrived. I’ve got the book in my hands…. Simply wonderful… The quality of the books is incredible, and the design is fantastic.

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