AU Bank LIT Credit Card Launches

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Au Bank Lit Credit Card Launches. The AU Bank LIT (Live-It-Today) credit card, which enables consumers to choose the characteristics they want in their card and the period for which they want those capabilities, was unveiled by AU Small Finance Bank on Wednesday.

The user can choose the categories under this service and switch any of these features anytime they want, per the Bank, as opposed to purchasing several cards for different categories, such as travel, shopping, etc.

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While credit card firms provide consumers with appealing goods in various categories, it is frequently challenging for customers to locate a single card that combines all of these benefits. They are consequently forced to choose several credit cards with specialized category rewards, such as travel cards to maximize travel-related spending or co-branded cards to purchase on particular e-commerce platforms.

Au Bank Lit Credit Card, customers can choose from all of these advantages on one card. Additionally, individuals have the choice to turn these services on or off under their shifting lifestyle needs, according to a statement from the AU Small Finance Bank.

Customers can instantly activate any feature for a nominal convenience cost, and each feature has a 90-day default validity period. Additionally, cardholders can monitor their earnings from card-based transactions on the AU0101 application.

The LIT credit card offers five features, including milestone benefits, free membership to various OTT and lifestyle services, higher reward points for online and POS transactions, and other smaller rewards like waivers of fuel surcharges and cashback on groceries, among others. Customers can choose between one or two lounge accesses per quarter.

As time passed, Au Bank Lit Credit Card we noticed that Gen Z and digitally savvy consumers required more control over the items they used. As a result, the customized LIT Credit Card, which combines the benefits of multiple credit cards into a single card, came into being. According to Sanjay Agarwal, MD, and CEO of AU Small Finance Bank, “We will continue to introduce numerous such ground-breaking solutions and stay true to our aim of being the change agent.

Last year, AU Bank introduced its first assortment of credit cards. The Bank asserts that since its first credit card introduction last year, more than 2.3 lakh credit card users from more than 200 districts in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have signed up.

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