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Dear reader welcomes to cure18store. Today this article is all about the Barry Eisler Books in Order. Barry Eisler is a very famous writer in America and has written a number of book details check including the famous John Rain series. The famous books in the John Rain series are Rain Fall (2002) after that Hard Rain (2003) next Rain Storm (2004) then Killing Rain (2005) and The Last Assassin (2006), Requiem for an Assassin (2007), and Redemption Games (2008) and last book 2022.

Barry Eisler Books in Order

He has also written many more books such as A Clean Kill in Tokyo, Extremis, The Killer Ascendant, Fault Line, Winner Take All, Amok, A Lonely Resurrection, and Livia Lone. Below in this article Barry Eisler Books in Order of Publication Year Wise.

Barry Eisler Books in Order Table Report

Barry Eisler John Rain Books In Order

Books in OrderPubYearAuthorSeries No
A Clean Kill in Tokyo2022Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 1
A Lonely Resurrection2023Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 2
Winner Take All2004Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 3
Redemption Games2005Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 4
Extremis2006Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 5
The Killer Ascendant2007Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 6
Paris Is A Bitch2011Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 7
The Detachment2011Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 8
Graveyard of Memories2014Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 9
Zero Sum2017Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 10
The Killer Collective2019Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 11
The Chaos Kind2021Barry EislerJohn Rain Book 12

Barry Eisler Livia Lone Series Books in Order

Livia Lone2016Barry EislerLivia Lone Book 1
The Night Trade2018Barry EislerLivia Lone Book 2
All the Devils2019Barry EislerLivia Lone Book 3

Barry Eisler Non-Series Books in Order

The God’s Eye View2016Barry EislerNon Series

Barry Eisler Ben Treven Books in Order

Fault Line2009Barry EislerBen Treven Book 1
Inside Out2010Barry EislerBen Treven Book 2

Amok2022Barry EislerDox Book 1

Barry Eisler Non-Fiction Books in Order

The Ass Is A Poor2011Barry EislerNon Fiction 1
Be the Monkey2011Barry EislerNon Fiction 2

Barry Eisler John Rain Novels in Order

The Lost Coast2011Barry EislerNovellas 1
The Khmer Kill2011Barry EislerNovellas 2
London Twist2013Barry EislerNovellas 3

AQ – Barry Eisler Books in Order

Who is the author of the Barry Eisler series?

  • This lovely book’s author is Barry Eisler.

How many Barry Eisler books are there?

  • There are 25 books in the Barry Eisler series as per online amazon.

In what order were these books written?

  • Fist book was written in 2003, and the last in 2022)

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