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Best Flight Rewards Credit Card | Travel Rewards Credit Card. Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s Blog. This Blog is all about one of the best flight rewards credit cards, and that is the British airways Amex credit card so stay tuned for a review of that credit card.

Let’s get into the Blog. I’m going to give you all the info you need to know to decide if you want to use this credit card to get some free flights. I’ve had this card for several years, so I feel like I can give you an in-depth review of the credit card, and that will be helpful.

British Airways Amex you can decide if you want it to, so this is the card that I’m going to be reviewing today; as you can see, this is the blue British airways Amex card this is different from the black card, which is the premium card.

That’s a paid card; this is the free card, so the blue British airways Amex credit card is free to sign up for; as I mentioned, the paid credit card is the premium one that pounds a year and the main differences with that are that you get a companion voucher with a lower spending limit.

So you spend less to get your companion voucher and also you can use your avios rewards to get business class flights so those are the two main differences with the paid card but i’m going to be reviewing the free card today.

Which is the blue one so let’s go through the travel rewards credit card no annual fee key features of this card so this card has no annual fee so British Airways Amex completely free to open and free to use year to year as far as the rewards go for every one pound that you spend you get one avios point.

So i’ll talk about the avios points later on but basically for every pound that you spend you get one point and these avios points add up to earn you free flights as far as the offers that they currently have they usually have a sign up avios bonus and at the moment this is bonus avios if you spend pounds within the first three months of having the card.

So that’s the current bonus offer for best travel credit card signing up and as far as referrals go if you make a referral so you refer a friend and you can also earn yourself some avios points online at the moment, it says it’s pointed that you receive.

If you refer a friend on my app, it says six thousand, so I think it could depend on whether you’re a current or a new customer. Still, you can earn between four to six thousand points for referring a friend and when you refer the friend, they receive ten bonus Avios as well, so it’s perfect for you.

It’s perfect for the friend because a friend can get ten thousand Avios when they sign up, So that’s another offer that they’ve got at the moment that’s great because that means that you get bonus points just for signing up. When you refer a friend or if you sign up after being referred, then you get points as well and to give you an idea of how this might work in terms of exchange.

Your Avios full flight well if you want a return flight to Europe so somewhere in the uk to somewhere in Europe this will set you back Avios points, so that’s just on average but gives you an idea of how many points you might need for a flight. You can go on the website and check out exactly.

How many points you might need for a range of destinations worldwide can give you an idea of what kind of points you’re looking at. Still, it shows that if you get the bonus Avios for signing up and if you do your everyday spending on the card, you could get yourself some nice free flights.

Let’s talk about the perks of the card so the main bonus of the card, as I’ve already mentioned, is the fact that you can use your spending that you do every day to earn yourself avios points and these points convert to free flights so this is great if you do like to travel.

If you travel a lot or even if you only travel now and then because it just means that you’ll take away one of those extra costs when traveling and you can get yourself a free flight or two once you start accumulating points.

You can go on the app and it will tell you how many points you’ve got and then you can go on the app and you can actually book your flights from there using your points another big part of the card is that you can use your normal spending to earn you a companion voucher as well so a companion voucher allows you a companion to travel with you for free.

So if you’re already using your points to pay for a flight then you can add on your companion voucher and basically you will both travel for free so you basically get two free flights and with the blue card this can be a euro or world traveler economy flight.

So you can travel not just in europe but around the world using your points and you can take a companion with you for free to get your free companion voucher amex travel credit you need to spend pounds per year of your membership.

So basically if you open the card and spend pounds from when you open it to the anniversary of opening the card then you can earn yourself a free companion voucher you can do this by putting big expenses that you are going to pay for anyway onto the card you can always pay those off in full straight away and it just means that you’re putting the expenses on the card.

So you’re getting the points and you can use these points to earn you your companion voucher i think it’s great if you already spend that amount per year you might as well get yourself a free companion voucher if you don’t then either way you’re still getting free flights using your rewards so the companion voucher isn’t nice to have if you’re already spending that amount on a credit card per year then you might as well be getting.

Some perks from that and if you don’t then either way you’re earning yourself lots of points and you’re going to be able to use those to get yourself some free flights there are also tons of offers on the app for lots of places that you probably already shop at so you can check that out as well because they offer cash back and discounts on lots of different shops restaurants.

Most things you can think of so you can also check that out if you get the app now for my final thoughts and is it worth it i think this card is great and definitely worth it if you want to use your everyday spending to get free flights i signed up to this car because i was looking specifically for a flight rewards credit card because i already get certain other perks like cash back from my debit card.

So that’s why i was specifically looking for a flight rewards credit card because i thought it’d be really great to use my spending that i’m spending on a credit card to get some rewards that are really tangible and i can get some free flights so i see it as a card where i can put my everyday spending onto it and i can get some really good rewards.

That i can actually use also in the uk our flight rewards credit card options are limited so i do think this is a great option if you don’t like traveling or you don’t take flight then obviously this won’t be the card for you but it definitely works for me because i do like traveling where i can and i do take flights fairly frequently.

So it does work for me on that point if you’re not interested in flight rewards credit cards then amex also offer a cashback reward credit card which looks really good and they also offer a nectar points credit card as well so you could check.

Those out if flight rewards credit cards aren’t quite for you then those are other great options for other rewards amex do have a lot on offer in terms of rewards and that’s why i chose to review their flight awards credit cards today because i’ve really gotten well with it and I think it’s a great card.

You might like too I see it as a credit card that gives you free flights for spending money that you would be spending anyway, so that’s why I think it’s a great option; thank you for reading to the end of the artical I hope you enjoyed it.