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Big Problems Little Problems Book Free Download. Big Problems, Little Problems is the story of how a father teaches his son to deal with life’s daily obstacles – and, in turn, a youngster can teach an adult to remember what’s importan

We welcome you into this endearing picture book about a single father (a rarity in the picture book business) and his little son, who turns out to be rather intelligent. This father and son have a winning combination of skills, from their secret handshake to joint problem-solving.

The book is told from a father’s perspective and is built on how a son and father listen to and learn from each other. It contains lessons that can be applied to any household with young children. This is a story about how to overcome frustration, regardless of the issue.

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Book Name:     Big Problems Little Problems Book Free Download
Publisher:Tilbury House Publishers 
Publishing Date(May 31, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :088448890X

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Ben Feller is a former Chief White House Correspondent for The Associated Press, the world’s largest news company, and now works as a communications advisor.

He led the White House press corps, rode aboard Air Force One hundreds of times, and was praised as a “master of deadline reporting” throughout his years of questioning and covering Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. He’s now focusing on his particular passion: being a father.

Merce López, a graduate of Barcelona’s Llotja Art School, has illustrated for design, theatre, and film and twenty children’s books for Spanish and international publishing houses.

Her 2019 book, Laura Purdie Salas’ Lion of the Sky: Haiku for All Seasons, was awarded a Center for Children’s Books Gryphon Honor Book, an NCTE Notable Poetry Book, a Kirkus Best Picture Book, and a Parents Magazine Best Kids’ Book, among other honours.

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Big Problems, Little Problems” highlights one of parenting’s greatest pleasures: when our children assist us in better understanding the things we’re trying to teach them. At our house, a bedtime favourite is this colourful – and fun-to-read – book on perspective and perseverance

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