Chet and Bernie Books in Order Audiobook 2023

Chet and Bernie Books in Order
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Chet and Bernie Books in Order 13 books written by Spencer Quinn. Here, The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series (14 book series) Published Book Details with Publisher Year.

Chet and Bernie Books in Order

Chet and Bernie Books in Order Series List

  • Dog on It
  • Thereby Hangs a Tail:
  • To Fetch a Thief:
  • The Dog Who Knew Too Much
  • A Fistful of Collars
  • The Sound and the Furry
  • Paw and Order
  • Scents and Sensibility
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Of Mutts and Men
  • Tender Is the Bite
  • It’s a Wonderful Woof
  • Bark to the Future
  • Up on the Woof Top

The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series (14-book series)

Book NamePub-YearKindlePaperbackAudiobook
Dog on ItSeptember 29, 2009KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Thereby Hangs a TailSeptember 7, 2010KindlePaperbackAudiobook
To Fetch a ThiefJuly 5, 2011KindlePaperbackAudiobook
The Dog Who Knew Too MuchJune 19, 2012KindlePaperbackAudiobook
A Fistful of CollarsJuly 2, 2013KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Paw and OrderApril 28, 2015KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Scents and SensibilityJune 21, 2016KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Heart of DarknessAugust 4, 2020KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Of Mutts and MenMay 4, 2021KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Tender Is the BiteJuly 5, 2022KindlePaperbackAudiobook
It’s a Wonderful WoofOctober 18, 2022KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Up on the Woof TopOctober 17, 2023KindlePaperbackAudiobook
Bark to the FutureJune 6, 2023KindlePaperbackAudiobook
The Sound and the FurryJuly 8, 2014KindlePaperbackAudiobook

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About the Author- Spencer Quinn Books

The number one New York Times bestselling Book series for middle-grade readers is written by Spencer Quinn, who is also the creator of eight Chet and Bernie mystery novels. Along with his wife Diana and their dogs Audrey and Pearl, he resides on Cape Cod. You can follow him by going to

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