Daniel Silva Books in Order
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Daniel Silva Books in Order. Gabriel Allon series, Michael Osbourne series, the entire list of stand-alone books, biography of Daniel Silva, and Daniel Silva books in order. 19th Series Order Book

Daniel Silva Books in Order

Daniel Silva Books in Order | Publication Order of Gabriel Allon Books

Name of BooksPubYearPaperbackAudiobookHardcover
Portrait of an Unknown Woman2022PaperbackAudiobookHardcover
The Cellist2021PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Order2020PaperbackkindleHardcover
The New Girl2019PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Other Woman2018PaperbackkindleHardcover
House of Spies2017PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Black Widow2016PaperbackkindleHardcover
The English Spy2015PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Heist2014PaperbackkindleHardcover
The English Girl2013PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Fallen Angel2012PaperbackkindleHardcover
Portrait of a Spy2011PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Rembrandt Affair2010PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Defector2009PaperbackkindleHardcover
Moscow Rules2008PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Secret Servant2007PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Messenger2006PaperbackkindleHardcover
Prince of Fire2005PaperbackkindleHardcover
A Death in Vienna2003PaperbackkindleHardcover
The English Assassin2002PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Confessor2002PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Kill Artist2001PaperbackkindleHardcover


Daniel Silva Books in Order

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Publication Order of Michael Osbourne Books Details List

The Marching Season1999PaperbackkindleHardcover
The Mark of the Assassin1998PaperbackkindleHardcover


  • Gabriel Allon: Novels 1-4 (2011)
  • Gabriel Allon: Novels 5-8 (2011)

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