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Dear reader welcomes to this blog. In this article, you read about the most popular search on google Darynda Jones Books In Order. The best book series by Darynda Jones is called the Charley Davidson series in the USA.

This series consists of 29 books in total till now today Feb 2023, including “First Grave on the Right” (2011), “For I Have Sinned” (2011), and “Second Grave on the Left” (2011)[, Next “Third Grave Dead Ahead” (2012), and “Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet” (2012) and Many more last book published on 2022. Below are the link and all the book details you will check and buy on amazon.

Darynda Jones Books In Order

Darynda Jones Books In Order Series Charley Davidson


Name of BooksPubYearAuthorPaperbackAudiobook
‎The Graveside Bar and Grill2022Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
A Hard Day for a Hangover2022Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
The Gravedigger’s Son2021Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Moonlight and Magic2021Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Beguiled2021Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
A Good Day for Chardonnay2021Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
The Graveyard Shift2020Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Bewitched2020Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Betwixt2020Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
A Lovely Drop2020Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
A Bad Day for Sunshine2020Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Summoned to Thirteenth Grave2019Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
The Trouble with Twelfth Grave2017Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Eleventh Grave in Moonlight2017Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
The Curse of Tenth Grave2016Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook


The Trouble With Twelfth Grave

The Dirt on Ninth Grave2016Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Brighter Than the Sun2015Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Eighth Grave After Dark2015Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Seventh Grave and No Body2014Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Sixth Grave on the Edge2014Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Fifth Grave Past the Light2013Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Death, and the Girl He Loves2013Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Death, Doom, and Detention2013Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet2012Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Third Grave Dead Ahead2012Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Death and the Girl Next Door2012Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
Second Grave on the Left2011Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
For I Have Sinned2011Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook
First Grave on the Right2011Darynda JonesPaperbackAudiobook


FAQ- Darynda Jones Books In Order

Who is the author of the Darynda Jones series?

  • Charley Davidson is the author of this series

How many Darynda Jones books are there?

  • Total 29 Book Published till Feb 2023.

Darynda Jones Book 14 Release Date

  • The Dirt on Ninth Grave in 2016 Release.


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