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Delhi Bazaar Portal
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Recognizing the need to assist numerous sellers in transitioning to online platforms and harnessing the e-commerce potential amplified by the pandemic, DDC Delhi took proactive steps to facilitate this shift, resulting in the inception of the innovative Dilli Bazaar Portal concept.

Up until July 2022, this journey encompassed more than 100 consultations with a wide array of stakeholders, engaging with over 80 market associations and diverse players within various industries.

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the primary hurdle lay in devising a solution that seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology while effectively addressing the specific requirements and preferences of local retailers.

The journey commenced with a comprehensive consultation involving key stakeholders from major retail and wholesale markets across Delhi. This session, presided over by Jasmine Shah, Vice-Chairperson of DDC Delhi, aimed to delve into the interests of stakeholders regarding bolstering their digital presence and to grasp the challenges they encounter with existing platforms. Notably, this endeavor also encompassed the integration of prominent Delhi markets, ensuring their active involvement as collaborative partners in the platform’s construction.

Subsequent to comprehending the needs and concerns of local traders, the initiative progressed into a series of dialogues and research endeavors involving industry participants. Noteworthy is the incorporation of the recently introduced Government of India Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) into the project’s framework.

The research team at DDC Delhi assumed a leadership role in dissecting and conceptualizing the intricacies of ONDC, seamlessly weaving its protocols into the fabric of Dilli Bazaar. Given the dynamic nature of the industry and the distinctiveness of Dilli Bazaar, meticulous consideration is being given to all facets, including usability, compliance, and long-term sustainability.

Need for the Policy Dilli Bazaar Portal

The recent pandemic dealt a severe blow to various sectors of the economy, particularly the retail and wholesale industries. Often hailed as the economic bedrock, these sectors serve a wide cross-section of the population, offering everything from high-end luxury items to heavily discounted products.

They exhibit a cultural diversity that appeals to every kind of buyer, and they play a vital role in employing millions of people in Delhi.

However, the last couple of years have been exceedingly challenging for local sellers, who bore the brunt of prolonged shutdowns during lockdowns. This led to decreased sales, a drop in customer foot traffic, and a significant number of shop closures.

The pandemic has also expedited a shift in consumer behavior, with “going online” becoming the default method for discovering and purchasing goods. Despite Delhi’s products and services being widely acclaimed across India and globally, numerous businesses suffered due to their limited online presence and outreach.

Drawing from the mentioned study, the pandemic has acted as a pivotal turning point for the e-commerce sector, with projections indicating an anticipated 84% growth within the next four years, reaching 2024. Thriving and remaining competitive within this evolved landscape necessitates local sellers establishing a substantial digital footprint.

Objectives of the Policy ( Delhi Bazaar)

The primary objective of ‘Dilli Bazaar’ is to empower local sellers in Delhi by expanding their global customer base and showcasing their distinctive products and services.

Enhanced Customer Base: This initiative aims to broaden sellers’ horizons, enabling them to connect with customers not only across various states but also spanning international boundaries.

Comprehensive Coverage across Sellers: ‘Dilli Bazaar’ envisions a platform that caters comprehensively to both B2B and B2C sellers, encompassing retailers and wholesalers alike. The platform will extend its listing services to sellers regardless of GST registration.

Enhanced Discoverability: The Bazaar serves as a dynamic stage to spotlight markets, shops, products, and services. This is facilitated through comprehensive product and service catalogs, simplifying seamless exploration.

Independent Virtual Store: Each seller on the ‘Dilli Bazaar’ platform will be granted an individualized store-front, providing them the means to exhibit their unique shops and products in intricate detail. This virtual marketplace operates ceaselessly, affording an additional avenue for continuous sales.

Promoting Go Local: Embracing the ethos of ‘Go Local’, customers navigating this platform will have the ability to search by products, markets, sellers, and geographical regions, thereby fostering the unearthing of the multifaceted markets within Delhi.

Key Features of the Policy ( Delhi Bazaar Portal)

The Dilli Bazaar Portal is designed to serve as an all-in-one solution for a diverse range of businesses, encompassing the following components:

On-boarding:- The Bazaar will facilitate the inclusion of various B2B and B2C enterprises in Delhi, including traders, sellers, wholesalers, service providers, and manufacturers. Their comprehensive profiles will undergo verification by respective market associations, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), and other relevant governing bodies.

Virtual Market Tours:- Going beyond mere e-commerce, the Bazaar intends to introduce an innovative feature – virtual market tours. This will enable customers and visitors to explore market streets and shops virtually, simplifying their purchasing journey.

Discover:– The Bazaar is poised to offer advanced search capabilities, allowing users to employ search options, filters, and sorting functions based on products, markets, locations, and shops. The portal’s design aims to align with ONDC standards, enhancing the visibility of sellers and products.

Integration with Partners:– This portal feature will empower sellers with additional external functionalities, enabling seamless transaction completion and fulfillment processes.

ONDC Compliant:-The Dilli Bazaar Seller app is also envisioned to be one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in compliance with the Government of India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) initiative. This compliance will enhance sellers’ discoverability and enable them to conduct their business across various buyer platforms effortlessly.

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