Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body

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Doctor Cuterus. Dr. Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body Book written by Famous Author Dr. Tanaya Narendra. In this book, we find all details related to our body’s private parts.

New books just released book, you read more about our private part and his use. Doctor Cuterus Explain Words like vagina, clitoris, penis, and scrotum tend to confound and embarrass people

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Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body

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Whatever kind of bits you have, the ‘private’ bits between our legs often leave us with… a lot of feelings and a lot of questions. Is it large enough? Is it too large? What’s the deal with the darkness? And you’re hairy? How are babies created? What causes period pain?

Your body is a wonderland, as John Mayer so beautifully sang, but in the land of the Kama Sutra, we often forget this. Words like vagina, clitoris, penis, and scrotum often perplex and embarrass people.
Perhaps even you, dear reader?

Despite the fact that everyone has a body, no one wants to talk about it. Especially the “private” parts. We have nowhere to go to learn and understand our bodies with so much shame and stigma. Our relationship with our bodies is still a drab black-and-white production, rather than a beautiful, technicolor musical.

This is where this book comes in—a one-stop scientific, humorous, and simple guide to everything you’ve ever wondered about what’s ‘down there.’ Or even higher! Whatever your issue is, Dr. Cuterus has you covered.

Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body Content Summary

20 Condoms Meet the condom. Aka chhatri, love glove, raincoat, rubber, condoms… basically whatever you want to call it. It’s usually a thin piece of latex that, again usually, covers the penis and protects you from unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You About Your Body

In fact, it is the only contraceptive in the world that protects you from STIs. Condoms are a ‘barrier’ contraceptive, meaning they form a barrier between your body and your partner’s body fluids, which carry baby-making sperms and maybe STIs.

The condom is very very wonderful and very very underappreciated. Boo! There is so much to learn about condoms: for example, did you know that condoms are related to the tires in your car? Sounds weird, but it’s super interesting.

books just released You see, most commonly, condoms are made of latex. Latex is essentially rubber + water. Now rubber is also a very interesting material, 196 dr cuterus book pdf

About the Author: Doctor Cuterus: Dr. Tanaya Narendra

Dr. Tanaya Narendra is a medical doctor, embryologist, and scientist with international training who is passionate about medical education.

After completing a master’s degree at the University of Oxford, she became a doctor in England and committed to making public medical education her life’s work. She has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.

Dr. Tanaya uterus has been named the Inner Health Influencer of the Year 2020 by SH24, the NHS’s online Inner health partner; she has also been named among the Top 25 Disruptors of India 2021 by Cosmopolitan.

She has been named the Health Influencer of the Year by the IHW Council, which is supported by the NITI Aayog and Ayushman Bharat.

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Book Name:Dr. Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You
Release Date:(12 December 2022)
Language :English
(Pdf)(Epub)(Mobi)280 Pages


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