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Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity PDF. The four-volume Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity sheds fresh light on the relationships between bacteria, fungi, parasites, and their hosts.

Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity Elsevier Summary

The molecular mechanisms of action of helpful microorganisms or host-associated microbial communities, microbial pathogenesis, virulence factors, experimental models of infection, host resistance or vulnerability, and the production of innate and adaptive immune responses are all areas of interest.

This book will serve as a vital resource for students, researchers, academics, and industry practitioners in microbiology, immunology, and infectious diseases, with over 200 chapters written and edited by renowned specialists in the field.

The field of microbiology is undergoing a second period of rapid growth and expansion, driven by the realization that changes in host-associated microbial communities may be at the root of a wide range of non-communicable human diseases, more than 100 years after Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur established the microbial etiology of infectious diseases.

These breakthroughs come on the heels of recent advancements in high-throughput sequencing technology, which has yielded a plethora of data on the human microbiome and its physiological potential..

About The Author Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity

Professor of immunology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Nima Rezaei, is a well-known scientist and researcher who has published over 1000 academic papers and books. He is a renowned researcher who has taught many pupils over the last decade.

Details Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity

Title of BookEncyclopedia of Infection and Immunity
Publisher:Elsevier; 1st edition 
Publishing Date(April 22, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :012818731X, 978-012818731X
Pages 3428 pages

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