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Flat Stanley Books
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Flat Stanley Books

1. Flat Stanley: Flat Stanley adventure adapted for a new generation of picture book readers!

In this new picture book edition, Rob Biddulph, a successful illustrator, brings the fantastic and hilarious adventures of flat Stanley to life. Stanley is always experiencing incredible things! Before a pinboard landed on top of Stanley, he was simply a regular boy. He is now as flat as a pancake. Being flat can be a lot of fun at times—he can even soar like a kite! However, it isn’t all fun and games.


Flat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in OrderFlat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in Order


The sly criminals are in town and preparing to steal the most priceless picture in existence! Can Stanley the flat save the day? Over 50 years after the book’s publication, Jeff Brown’s well-known character is still endearing. This 32-page picture book, which has a condensed, modified narrative, is excellent for sharing with kids 3 years of age and older and will expose Stanley’s exploits to a whole new generation of kids. For both new and seasoned fans, Rob Biddulph’s vibrant and graphic paintings reinvent the characters and their world in a new, exciting way.

2. The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers’ Big Book of Farty Facts

Did you know that all it would take for an atomic bomb to go off would be nine farts from each person on the planet? That a war with Russia was nearly started by fish farts? that odor of a woman’s fart is worse than a man’s? Pfwoort! Everything is in this book.


Flat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in OrderFlat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in Order


Did you know that farting is beneficial to breathe in, even after death? that you may work as a certified fart sniffer? That farting is impolite in South America but forbidden in Africa? Have you recently heard any old Babylonian fart jokes?

Do you know what animal on the planet is the furriest? the wackiest cuisine? Do you know how many farts you inhale during a long flight? Can astronauts travel through space on farts? Sweet! Everything is in this book.

3. Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #13

The world is being taken over by Flat Stanley! The Lambchops are learning a little history in Boston, Massachusetts, in this entertaining thirteenth book in the popular Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures chapter book series!


Flat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in OrderFlat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in Order


Stanley is eager to take a Duck Tour, eat lunch at Quincy Market, and see Fenway Park as the Lambchop family visits Boston. Stanley even gets to take part in a recreation of the renowned midnight ride by American colonist Paul Revere.

Stanley has a challenge, though. Dr. Dan, a friend of The Lambchops, is also in town and is giving a speech on his treatment for flatness. He also wants Stanley to discuss being flat! But would it be preferable if Stanley stayed the same as he is now, or would it be better?

4. Flat Stanley 4 Books in 1!: Flat Stanley, His Original Adventure

Four legendary Flat Stanley adventures collected in a fresh binding!

The adventures start when Stanley is knocked flat by a bulletin board. Flat Stanley, His Original Adventure, Stanley, Flat Again, Stanley in Space, and Stanley and the Magic Lamp are all included in this paper-over-board bind-up edition.


Flat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in OrderFlat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in Order


Discover how everyone’s favorite flat friend became flat, then flat again, by joining us! And go on adventures with him, like going to space and even running into a genie! Readers are sure to have a blast as they join Stanley on his escapades!

5. Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures Collection: Books 1-12

The twelve novels that make up Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures are collected here, allowing readers to experience incredible adventures, see friendship at its finest, and discover a tonne of interesting trivia about the locations Stanley visits. Each Flat Stanley book also includes intercultural adventure, narrative, and character development, compare and contrast, and other story components that are related to the Common Core State Standards for parents and teachers.


Flat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in OrderFlat Stanley Books | Flat Stanley Books in Order


Includes: Books

#1: The Mount Rushmore Calamity
#2: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery
#3: The Japanese Ninja Surprise
#4: The Intrepid Canadian Expedition
#5: The Amazing Mexican Secret
#6: The African Safari Discovery
#7: The Flying Chinese Wonders
#8: The Australian Boomerang Bonanza
#9: The US Capital Commotion
#10: Showdown at the Alamo
#11: Framed in France
#12: Escape to California

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