Foot Massage Ball Plantar Fasciitis

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Foot Massage Ball Plantar Fasciitis, Pasnity Foot Massage Roller Spiky Ball Foot Pain Relief Massager Relieve Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Foot Arch Pain and Relax Shoulder Foot Back Leg Hand, Included 1 Roller & 2 Spiky Balls (Light Blue)

About this item: Plantar Fasciitis Massage Ball

Putting an end to foot pain The projecting acupressure knobs provide significant physical therapy and all-around pain relief, having the same therapeutic effects as a deep-tissue massage. Particularly made to ease foot discomfort brought on by ailments including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, and ball-of-foot pain.

[2 Spiky Massage Balls and 1 Foot Massage Roller] – A foot massager PVC material, 6.7 inches in length by 2.7 inches in diameter. The foot roller is prevented from losing its shape by resilient PU and TPE. Environmental protection and a lack of odd odor.

MULTI PURPOSES: Ideal instrument for relieving any type of muscular discomfort, not just foot pain. Can be used on the shoulders, neck, hands, wrists, and legs. You may carry it anywhere you go because to its small and portable nature.

Foot Massage Ball Plantar Fasciitis design of acupressure reflexology makes it efficient for improving blood circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage, jump-starting your metabolism, relieving pain in tight muscles and joints, treating headaches and migraines, providing good relaxation and body regulation, etc.

You can massage your hands or feet for sore muscles and cramps, before, during, or after physical exercise, as part of rehabilitation, to support physiotherapy treatment, and for other reasons. It will improve body awareness, rectify poor posture, and promote localized blood flow.

FAQ. Foot Massage Ball Plantar Fasciitis

Q. Can I freeze the balls?

A. Do you not know if you can freeze the balls? I did not keep them because they were two spiky and I have tough feet! I found a tennis ball works better. I also use the gel ice packs for my feet once or twice a day and that helps also for the planters fasciitis. Do your calf stretches too because that’s where the planters fasciitis is also

Q. Do you rub the entire foot over the massager?

A. Need to roll back and forth, you can massage the entire foot.

Question:  the spikes on the roller don’t look very big. Will this work well with socks on?

Answer: The spikes on the balls are bigger, the balls are hard plastic, and the roller will be fine with thin socks. I use it barefoot.

Question: Do they help with Metatarsalgia ?
Answer: IDK. I don’t have that
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