Fundamentals of Geography For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains by Study IQ

Fundamentals of Geography
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Fundamentals of Geography For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains by Study IQ. From the standpoint of the UPSC Civil Services Examinations, “The Fundamentals of Geography” seeks to cover the entire syllabus of World Physical, Human, and Economic Geography. The book has been updated to reflect the most recent examination pattern and is appropriate for other competitive exams.

Fundamentals Of Geography Pdf Summary

Geomorphology includes the following topics:

  • The origin of the universe
  • The interior and structure of the earth
  • Tectonic activity
  • Landform development

Climatology and climate classification cover all geophysical phenomena, their causes, occurrences, and impacts. The Origins of Soils and Biomes in Biogeography. Oceanography focuses on the qualities (landforms, temperature, salinity) and motions of the ocean (waves, tides and currents). Primary, secondary, and tertiary activities and all main resources are included in economic and human geography.

  • Easy and Lucid Language for better understanding.
  • Extensive use of Maps for better clarity.
  • Hand-drawn diagrams.
  • Previous Year Questions at the end of every chapter.
  • Real-life examples in ‘Case Studies’ Section
  • ‘Do You Know’ section for making your learning exciting?

Fundamentals Of Geography  Release Date

Book Name:     Fundamentals of Geography For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains by Study IQ
Publisher:StudyIQ Publications; 1st edition
Publishing Date (28 April 2022)
Language :English
Pages252 pages

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Conclusion: Fundamentals Of Geography For UPSC Exam

The presentation is flawless. The diagrams are clear and concise. StudyIQ is well-known for its high-quality information. This book appears to be promising. Anyone considering purchasing a geography book should do so without hesitation.

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