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GATE Tutor 2023 – CIVIL ENGINEERING. Prepare for the GATE exam with the freshly updated edition of “GATE 2023,” meticulously written to match the most recent required syllabus and examination pattern.

Gate Tutor 2023 Civil Engineering Summary

It is a comprehensive study guide, complete with theoretical notes for conceptual clarity and solved papers from the past ten years [2022-2012]. & Practice sets for complete revision and practice, covering the whole Civil Engineering course. The papers provide information on shifting question types and examination patterns in order to help applicants improve their preparation

 The following are some of the highlights of the book: GATE Tutor 2023 – CIVIL ENGINEERING

  1. Previous ten years of solved papers
  2. Designed as per the latest examination pattern
  3. Insights of the question type
  4. 5 Practice Sets for thorough practice

Release Date gate tutor 2023 civil engineering

Book Name:     Arihant Publication
Publisher:LWW; Seventh edition 
Publishing Date(June 5, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :‎‎9789326192729,9326192725

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About Author: Gate Tutor 2023 Book

Prasant Dixit

Conclusion: Gate Tutor 2023 Book Online

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