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Best Book Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer Wow!. A Professional Machine Learning Engineer uses Google Cloud technology and knowledge of proven ML models and techniques to develop, build, and produce ML models to solve business challenges. Throughout the ML development process, the ML Engineer considers responsible AI and works closely with other job categories to ensure the models’ long-term success.

All aspects of model construction, data pipeline interaction, and metrics interpretation should be covered by the ML Engineer. The core ideas of application development, infrastructure management, data engineering, and data governance must be familiar to the ML Engineer. The ML Engineer builds and creates scalable solutions for optimal performance by understanding training, retraining, deploying, scheduling, monitoring, and upgrading models.

Book Content Covered : Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer

  • Framing ML problems
  • Architecting ML solutions
  • Designing data preparation and processing systems
  • Developing ML models
  • Automating and orchestrating ML pipelines
  • Monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining ML solutions

About The Author Preparing for Google Cloud Certification Machine Learning Engineer

 Saransh Paliwal

Details Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Title of BookGoogle Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer
Publishing Date(January 23, 2022)
Language :English
Pages61 pages

Conclusion: Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer

Good Book for Google Cloud Learing You can Buy and Try.

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