Full Series – All 31 Halo Books in Order Audiobook (2023)

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The Halo book series was Published in 31 books in total, written by various Authors. All 31 Halo Books in Order books are typically published in chronological order, beginning with “Halo: The Fall of Reach” by Eric Nylund in 2001.

Halo Books in Order

This is followed by “Halo: The Flood” by William C. Dietz (2003), “Halo: First Strike” by Eric Nylund (2003), and “Halo: Ghosts of Onyx” by Eric Nylund (2006). Other titles in the series include “Halo: Contact Harvest” (2007), “The Cole Protocol” (2008), and “Primordium” (2012).

The most recent book in the series is “Halo: Evolutions – Essential Tales of the Halo Universe”, which was released in 2010.

Below Full Series – All 31 Halo Books in Order (2023)

Name of BooksPub-YearHardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Divine Wind By Troy Denning  Buy  Kelly Gay2021HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Point of Light By Kelly Gay2021HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Shadows of Reach By Troy Denning2020HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Meridian Divide Buy  Cassandra Rose Clarke2019HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Battle Born Buy  Cassandra Rose Clarke2019HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Oblivion Buy  Troy Denning2019HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Renegades Buy Kelly Gay2019HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Silent Storm Buy Troy Denning2018HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Bad Blood Buy Matt Forbeck2018HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Legacy of Onyx Buy Matt Forbeck2017HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Retribution Buy Troy Denning2017HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Envoy Buy Tobias S. Buckell2017HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Smoke and Shadow Buy Kelly Gay2016HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Shadow of Intent Buy Joseph Staten2015HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Last Light Buy Troy Denning2015HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Saint’s Testimony Buy Frank O’Connor2015HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Hunters in the Dark Buy Peter David2015HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
New Blood Buy Matt Forbeck2015HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Mortal Dictata Buy Karen Traviss2014HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Broken Circle Buy John Shirley2014HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Silentium Buy Greg Bear2013HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
The Thursday War Buy Karen Traviss2012HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Glasslands Buy Karen Traviss2011HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Primordium Buy Greg Bear2011HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Cryptum Buy  Greg Bear2011HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
The Cole Protocol Buy Tobias S. Buckell2008HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Contact Harvest Buy Joseph Staten2007HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
Ghosts of Onyx Buy Eric Nylund2006HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
First Strike Buy Eric Nylund2003HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
The Flood Buy William C. Dietz2003HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook
The Fall of Reach Buy Eric Nylund2001HardcoverPaperbackAudiobook


Halo Books in Order Audiobook advice

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In what order should I listen to Halo audiobooks?

  • The recommended order to listen to the Halo audiobooks is in release order, starting with The Fall of Reach. This is the same as reading them in publication order, which is: The Fall of Reach, The Flood, First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx, Contact Harvest,
  • The Cole Protocol, Evolutions: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe, Cryptum, Primordium, Silentium, and Broken Circle. All of these audiobooks are available on

How many Halo audiobooks are there?

  • There are a total of 30 Halo books

What is The Correct Order to Read the Halo Books?

  • The correct order to read the Halo books is the individual novels in publication order wise, then reading the other four Halo book series in order.
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