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Halo Encyclopedia 2022. In the 26th century, humanity’s struggle for existence continues unabated, set against Halo’s fascinating and ancient ringworld. Halo’s universe is incredibly large in scale and detailed, offering epic storylines full of brave people, stunning landscapes, and compelling conflicts.

Dark Horse and 343 Industries have partnered up to create the most thorough reference to the universe to date in honor of Halo’s 20th anniversary.

The Halo Encyclopedia highlights two decades of storytelling with breathtaking, never-before-seen graphics and the most extensive investigation of the universe’s many characters, worlds, and technology ever created, spanning over a hundred millennia and embracing over a hundred thousand light-years.

Halo Encyclopedia Release Date

Book Name:     halo encyclopedia deluxe edition 
Publisher:Dark Horse Books (April 12, 2022) 
Publishing Date(April 12, 2022) 
Language :English 
ISBN :978-1506728445 
Pages488 pages 

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Conclusion: Halo Encyclopedia Barnes and Noble

At its current price, this book represents excellent value. It includes everything you ever wanted to know about Halo… It’s also chock-full of high-quality concept art, both things we’ve seen and things we haven’t.

The book is wonderful, but I doubt it will last long for $30. These goods, which aren’t just books, tend to rise in value quickly as collector’s items. The previous Halo book I bought started at $29.99, and I happily pre-ordered it because it was $50 everywhere I looked a week after release. It’s currently $89 here and $99 practically everywhere else.

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