How To Swipe A Credit Card Shop and Home 2022


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How To Swipe A Credit Card Shop and Home 2022

How to swipe a credit card?today mostly all people and home, Shop and any other place having a lot of credit card available. Most People and the new generation do not know?how to swipe a credit card correctly?in a Machine.

In this article, you will learn the complete method?of how to swipe a credit card in a machine,?and after reading this article, you will also learn?how to swipe a credit card at a store.?Let’s Start Step by Step Process for Credit card Swipe.


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How to swipe a credit card sale on the Verifone Vx510LE credit card terminal

Sail swiped slide the card through the slot on the terminal with the magnetic stripe down and facing inward toward the keypad.?You will be asked to enter the last four numbers from the front of the card this is the security feature to reduce the risk of accepting a counterfeit card.

Key in the previous four digits of the card account number and press the green Enter key. Now you will enter the amount of the transaction the decimal point will automatically place itself.

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So be sure to include dollars and cents and then press the green Enter. Essentially, the terminal will then obtain authorization for the sale once approved the first copy of the receipt.

The merchant copy will automatically print, tear off the merchant copy and have the customer sign it, then press yes to generate the second copy of the receipt called the customer copy.

Please give this to your customer; it does not have to be signed; retain the signed merchant document for your company records for a minimum of 18 months; transaction receipts should be stored in a safe, secure area and organized in chronological order by transaction date.

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