How to Use Insulin Pen Youtube


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How to Use Insulin Pen Youtube Will Learn

Let’s learn how to use insulin pen youtube. This is what an insulin pen has three main parts the dose dialer, the insulin cartridge, and the top of the pen.

Where the needle is fixed to fix the needle remove the paper cover fix the needle straight on top and rotate it in the clockwise direction till the needle is attached firmly.

Remove the outer cover this is the actual needle that goes into the subcutaneous tissue priming of the pen priming the pen is important before we start using the pen.

Summary : Youtube How to Use an Insulin Pen

For priming it set the dose to two units by rotating the dose diner in the Clockwise direction make sure that the dose is in straight line with the white arrow after tiling hold the pen vertically with the needle facing Upwards.

Remove the green cap tap the pen and press the dose diner until you see drops of insulin on the needle tip learn how to inject the dose roll the pen ten. Read More – how to use insulin pen youtube

Times in between your palms dial the desired dose select the site for the Injection for instance if you choose the abdomen as the site administer the injection about two and a half centimeters away from the navel remove.

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The cap of the needle hold the pen in a thumbs up position and administer the injection perpendicular to the body press the dos diner till the entire dose is delivered hold the pen for 10 counts.

Pull the pen out here’s how to store an insulin pen store the pen in the side or middle compartment of the fridge never freeze insulin important points to remember to keep changing the sights on the Body at which insulin injections are administered.

Note the areas marked in red change the needle every day dispose The used needles safely in the sharps container remove air bubbles do not massage the injection site and do not use an alcohol swab this message was brought to you by me da da de betty city

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Conclusion: Youtube How to Use Insulin Pen

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