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Insurgency Famous Book Written By Insurgency. How did the Lincolnite party become the Trumpite party? The definitive account of the mutiny broke American politics, written by a respected political reporter for The New York Times.

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Summary Insurgency How Republicans Lost Their Party

It is a harrowing tale of how the Lincoln and Reagan parties were kidnapped by shady characters who turned their movement into anti-democratic cancer that targeted the United States Capitol.” Joe Scarborough (Joe Scarborough)

The epic story of Jeremy W. Peters traces the Republican Party’s split. Insurgency is a fantastical tale about a political establishment that thought it could manage the dark force it helped create?until it couldn’t.

How did conservative values like small government, economic responsibility, and morality in public service, which Republicans claimed to revere, become destroyed as unshakeable confidence in Donald Trump came to define the party, Peters asks?

The answer is a three-decade story of populist revolutions that destabilized the party, along with new reporting and firsthand testimony from those who were there. Anyone who took the time to look could see the signals of strife.

Many Republicans believed that the only way to salvage the party was to build a more inclusive and diverse coalition after Barack Obama’s election convinced them that they were at a demographic crossroads. On the other hand, Party officials misjudged the zeal and popularity of those who would push the party in the opposite direction.

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They couldn’t see how the right-wing media, which they praised for reporting the truth, distorted the world in which their voters lived. They also didn’t grasp the convoluted moral framework through which many conservatives would evaluate Trump.

Prompting evangelicals and one-issue voters to abandon Republican orthodoxy if the party delivered a Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Peters details crucial junctures and occurrences in this wide history to tell the story of a revolution from the inside. Its designers were less interested in the America of the twenty-first century than in the iron will of a vanishing minority.

With Trump as their guiding light, their risk paid off handsomely, extending the life of far-right conservatism in domestic policy in the United States for the next half-century.

Insurgency How Republicans Lost Their Party Details

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Release Date:(February 8, 2022)
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Author Information : Insurgency How Republicans Lost Their Party

Jeremy W. Peters has been a correspondent for The New York Times for more than fifteen years and is also a political contributor for MSNBC.

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Conclusion: Insurgency

Jeremy Peters is one of the top reporters in the country, with an uncanny ability to understand the often-hidden dynamics that drive political movements and major individuals.

He follows Republican politics as a detective, spending years uncovering revealing clues in obscure corners and meeting with key witnesses. He followed the story calmly and determined, revealing what was truly going on.

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