International Mathematics Olympiad 2022 (IMO) Work Book for Class 5

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International Mathematics Olympiad 2022 (IMO) Work Book for Class 5. MTG’s IMO Workbooks Class 5 are meant to familiarise students with the question patterns that will be asked in the International Mathematics Olympiad Exam, coordinated by the SOF.
The Workbook helps the students to prepare for IMO through the following features –
  • MTG’s Class 5 IMO Olympiad Workbooks have been carefully crafted to assist pupils in their preparation for the next International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • MTG’s Class 5 IMO Workbook includes chapter-by-chapter MCQs to help students prepare for the SOF IMO exam.
  • The Multiple-Choice Question Bank is divided into general questions and an achiever’s part with clear Hints & Explanations to help students understand concepts.
  • The Class 5 IMO Workbook includes the most recent IMO 2025 paper to provide students with current information.
  • The Class 5 IMO Workbook includes chapter-by-chapter OMR sheets to help students become familiar with filling out an OMR sheet.

Contents of the Book: Work Book for Class 5

  • Chapter 1: Number Sense
  • Chapter 2: Computation Operations Chapter
  • Fractions and Decimals Chapter
  • Measurements Chapter
  • Angles Chapter
  • Perimeter and Area Chapter
  • Symmetry Chapter
  • Data Handling Chapter
  • Logical Reasoning SOF International Mathematics Olympiad

International Mathematics Olympiad Release Date

Book Name:     International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Work Book for Class 5 – MCQs, Previous Years Solved Paper and Achievers Section – Olympiad Books For 2022-2023 Exam
Publisher:MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd 
Publishing Date(5 April 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :9355552149

Aurthor: International Math Olympiad For Class 5

Mahabir Singh 

Conclusion: Olympiad Books For 2022-2023 Exam

MTG has the best collection of user-friendly yet informative learning materials. MTG’s curators think that students should be exposed to the competitive world while studying. As a result, MTG produces updated academic and competitive publications to reflect current exam patterns.

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