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Hi, Friends are you the lover of the famous author Kiki Swinson. If yes then you are right way I am providing Kiki Swinson Wifey Books in Order [Pdf][Epub][Mobi] book Details.

Kiki Swinson, born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, discovered her talent for writing twelve years ago while serving a five-year sentence in federal prison for “being the wifey” of a known drug dealer. This is known as “knowledge of and concerning a criminal enterprise.

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Burning Season By Kiki Swinson Apr 25, 2023

Alayna Curry, a volunteer firefighter in Virginia Beach, faces death every day—and is proud to carry on her retired father’s legacy. But, with money always tight and her long-term boyfriend Levi pressuring her to give up what she enjoys in order to make more money, she realizes she needs more cash flow to stay afloat.

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Playing Their Games (Playing Dirty) By Kiki Swinson June 28, 2022

Yoshi Lomax, who never follows the rules, is determined to succeed in his internship with one of Manhattan’s most prestigious law firms. Her parents’ friends, the brilliant twin brothers’ legal luminaries, are mentoring her. And even she is surprised by how bright her future is thanks to her unanticipated talent for getting the city’s wealthy, powerful clients out of tricky situations.

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Playing with Fire (Playing Dirty) By Kiki Swinson November 30, 2021

The ideal edging. Yoshi, who is brilliant, cunning, and reckless, aspires to be a great lawyer, to make a difference, and to make her hardworking mother proud. Her prestigious law school, on the other hand, is a rigged system of overwhelming work and hostile professors. On the outs with her best friend and on the verge of failing out, she soon discovers a shortcut that could fulfill all of her dreams.

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Public Enemy #1 By Kiki Swinson April 27, 2021

Khloé Mercer, a former journalist with a talent for uncovering dirty secrets, figures that if she’s going to risk her life, she might as well make a lot of money as a private investigator. But this daring newcomer needs a big case to make her name—and really prove she can handle the toughest streets in Norfolk, Virginia.

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The Deadline By Kiki Swinson August 25, 2020

Anything for the sake of fame Khloé Mercer, an off-air TV news journalist, covers the rough Norfolk, Virginia, neighborhood where she grew up. But, with a hostile boss and stiff competition, she must break a major exclusive to save her job—and secure the coveted anchor desk slot she believes she is entitled.

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