Kiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

Kiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap
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Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap. When it comes to VR gaming, the Oculus Quest is king. And with the release of the Oculus Quest 2, it’s even better. But what’s the difference between the Quest 2 and the original Oculus Quest?

Well, the biggest difference is that the Quest 2 has a built-in head strap. This means that you no longer have to rely on a separate head strap to keep your VR headset secure. This is a huge advantage, as it means that the Quest 2 is much more comfortable to wear.

Another difference is that the Quest 2 has a higher resolution screen. This means that the images that


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Description of kiwi elite strap

A better VR experience is made possible by the KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap, which offers you better design, higher quality, more comfort, and better support. It’s ideal for challenging games like Beat Saber, BoxVR, Hot Squat, and Holopoint is comfortable for extended usage and is a wonderful present for friends or family.

Kiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

With the KIWI design head strap, you can now improve your VR experience. You’ll experience less head pressure thanks to the improved design, which will let you immerse yourself in the game. With this 52-degree connector, you can easily check your messages, answer calls, answer doorbells, or simply pick up something while wearing the headset without having to take it off and put it back on.

About this item: Kiwi Design Head Strap

Enhanced Side Straps: The side straps of our elite strap used enhanced polymer material, which is environmentally benign, extremely tenacious, and sturdy enough to withstand over 100,000 bends before snapping.

Improved Wearing Design:  Kiwi Straps Quest 2 2’s 52° rotatable hinge allows you to gently flip it up so you can check your surroundings without having to fiddle with the knob to remove the head strap. Additionally, this design makes it very easy for you to put on or remove the head strap, which is very useful for those who wear spectacles.

Enlarged Head Support: The entire head strap weighs 350g, has larger head support than the original one, and fits heads with circumferences ranging from 17.7 to 29.5 inches. The larger head support can more comfortably fit your head and cup it, making the head strap more sturdy and pleasant.

Upgraded Cushions: The expanded 46mm top strap pad and the thicker 16mm head cushion can significantly increase comfort and lessen pressure when wearing the headset, and the cushions’ soft PU leather surface makes cleaning them a breeze. It’s easy and straightforward to maintain. During the gaming break time, all you have to do is wipe the foams with a wet towel and the microfiber cloth that was included in the packaging.

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Review: Kiwi Vr Strap

I chose to purchase a Kiwi Upgraded Elite Strap after experiencing issues with headaches, face pains, etc. when wearing the standard strap and having to repeatedly pull the Quest 2 away from my face just to get a few fleeting seconds of delicious reprieve from the discomfort.

I cannot believe the change! I have no pressure or pain on my forehead, cheeks, or cheekbones! So far, no headaches. immediate solace. Quick and simple to replace out on the Quest 2. Easy to install. The only slightly challenging aspect was looping the top head strap through the headset’s loop, but I got around it by putting a small piece of rubber through the loop and beneath the strap.


Kiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head StrapKiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

Kiwi Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap

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