KVS Madaan UGC NET Paper 1 | UGC NET /SET/JRF Paper 1

KVS Madaan UGC NET Paper 1
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KVS Madaan UGC NET Paper 1. UGC NET /SET/JRF Paper 1 Teaching and Research Aptitude – 2019-2021 solved papers, covering October-December 2021 | Includes National Education Policy 2020| Pearson| Sixth Edition.

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KVS Madaan UGC NET Paper 1 Summary

This title has been revised to reflect the most recent UGC NET examination pattern. The theory has been updated, and the topics have been addressed, focusing on contemporary examination trends and syllabus requirements. The book is organised into ten chapters and contains an excellent mix of theoretical and practical problems. With the help of demographics, pictures, and figures, the themes are fleshed out.

Includes Latest NEP 2020
Assessments include Mock Tests,
stopover questions, Trending Questions
Includes 2021 Paper along with the answer keys

Release Date Kvs Madaan Ugc Net Paper 1 Book

Book Name:     UGC NET /SET/JRF Paper 1 Teaching and Research Aptitude
Publishing Date(1 January 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :‎‎978-9354495564

About Author: UGC NET /SET/JRF Paper 1 Teaching

KVS Madaan, a Famous author and academician, is a former Associate Director of the Arni School of Business Management at Arni University in Himachal Pradesh. He graduated from Haryana School of Business, GJUST, Hisar, with a master’s degree in business administration.

Thousands of professional aspirants have benefited from his guidance. He held high-ranking positions in several universities and institutions. As a keynote speaker, he has spoken at UGC and AICTE-sponsored faculty development programmes. He has written a book for the NTA UGC NET Paper 2 in Commerce.

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Conclusion: Kvs Madaan Ugc Net Paper 1 Pdf

I read the book, and it is a fantastic book. However, pages 5.26 to 5.42 are missing from the book, which is very upsetting. Instead of the pages above, pages 8.26-8.42 are printed twice, which is a major flaw in this book. Pearson should also correct it. Aside from that, the book covers a wide range of topics and includes a sample test. I believe it is beneficial to the preparation.

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