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Language Cognition And Neuroscience Download PDF. Language is one of our most valuable and distinctly human abilities, so it’s no surprise that research into its neurological underpinnings has progressed quickly in recent years. However, until now, there hasn’t been a single beginning textbook that concentrates solely on this subject.

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Book Summary

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language fills that void by presenting a comprehensive, up-to-date, and pedagogically helpful overview of the field’s most important developments. It takes students through all of the major areas of research.

starting with basic aspects of brain structure and function and moving on to aphasia syndromes, speech perception and production, language processing in written and signed modalities, word meanings, and the formulation and comprehension of complex expressions, such as grammatically inflected words, complete sentences, and entire stories.

The key chapters, which rely heavily on well-known theoretical models, show how experiments using various brain mapping techniques support and sometimes contradict such frameworks. Although much of the information is intrinsically difficult and geared toward the graduate or upper-level undergraduate students,

it assumes no prior knowledge of neuroscience or linguistics, defining technical terms and discussing key concepts from both fields along the way.

About The Author Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Pdf

David Kemmerer is a professor at Purdue University who holds combined appointments in the Departments of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Psychological Sciences. He is also a member of Purdue’s Interdepartmental Linguistics Program.

He also maintains an adjunct appointment in the University of Iowa’s Division of Behavioral Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience, where he worked as a postdoctoral researcher before joining the Purdue faculty. He’s taught classes on the neurological underpinnings of speech and language, cognitive neuroscience as a whole, and linguistics in general.

Details Language Cognition and Neuroscience

Title of BookCognitive Neuroscience of Language 1st Edition
Publisher:Psychology Press; 1st edition 
Publishing Date(December 4, 2014)
Language :English
ISBN :184872621X , 978-1848726215
Pages600 pages

Conclusion: Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Kemmerer

Extensive and cautious in outlining contemporary disputes in the literature is still in its infancy in many places. I believe Kemmerer’s abilities as a linguist and a cognitive neuroscientist show through, making this a valuable text informed by vast and deep knowledge.

A cognitive science textbook. The book is the first and only textbook devoted to the cognitive science of language [not only cognitive science, language, linguistics, or brain systems.] It is reading, instructive, up to date on the research it cites, and clarifies vocabulary and phrases along the way and at the conclusion, as stated on the book cover.

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