[LATEST] Indian Economy Growth 2022 Book For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains by Study IQ

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[LATEST] Indian Economy Growth 2022 Book For UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains by Study IQ . Study IQ Publications’ publication of Indian Economy intends to approach the UPSC Civil Services Examinations’ economics curriculum comprehensively.

The book has been revised to reflect the most recent exam format and is appropriate for all competitive exams. The book was created by subject-matter experts and seasoned professors while taking into consideration the difficulties that students confront when studying for competitive exams.

Feature of Book : Indian Economy Growth 2022

Covering exam-relevant parts in microeconomics would help the students comprehend microeconomic activity and their causes. The principles of money, inflation, national income, and other macroeconomic topics are covered in this section.

development and economic growth. Understanding the various types of money aggregates, their circulation, and the numerous agencies that regulate them. Describes how the government controls the economy and its finances through taxation.

Financial Markets: This section discusses the loan and exchange of money in the economy as well as the money and capital markets. External Sector: This section discusses how India interacts with the global economy and how trade and the balance of payments impact the country’s economy.

Agriculture and allied activities, manufacturing, services, and infrastructure are all thoroughly covered by applied economics. Human Economics: Topics covered in this section include inclusive growth, poverty, unemployment, inequality, and other aspects of human economics.

Important Elements of the Book:Indian Economy 2022

The book’s simplified language for technical subjects like economics will benefit both first-time and repeat students. For simple comprehension of difficult subjects, use an example-driven method. In their respective chapters, each Economic Survey idea from the previous five years has been discussed.


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