Marilyn Monroe The Heartbreaker (Great Biographies)

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Marilyn Monroe The Heartbreaker (Great Biographies) . In this book, you’ll learn a lot about Norma Jeane (aka Marilyn Monroe), including how she spent her youth in and out of foster homes. Why did she marry when she was so young? You’ll learn how she was ‘discovered’ as a movie star and how hard she worked to break through the Hollywood glass ceiling.

You’ll also learn about how insecure she was and how she used booze and drugs to cope with her insecurities. She’d never thought she could trust anyone and had good reason to believe she couldn’t.

Inside you’ll read about : Marilyn Monroe

  • Norma Jeane Mortenson is Born
  • Norma Jeane Marries for the First Time
  • Marilyn Hits the Movies & Marries DiMaggio
  • Marilyn and Arthur Miller’s Marriage
  • The Kennedy Rumors
  • Psychiatrist Visits and Notes by Marilyn
  • DiMaggio Family States Monroe Was Not Alone When She Died

Why she should never have been involved with whatever the Kennedys touched and how she ended up in the heart of their life. She couldn’t resist the temptation and had to put her toes into the fame pool. Regrettably, it seemed to draw her closer to the evil side. It will become apparent when you read who loved her the most for the rest of his life till he died. He never used her; instead, he sincerely cared about her. It was too late for her to realise it.

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Conclusion: Marilyn Monroe Biography

This anecdote about Marilyn Monroe blew me away. There was a lot of information on her that I hadn’t found in previous books. This publishing house has done a fantastic job with this stunning actress. It was also quite respectful in its remembrance of her. Despite her tragic life, she will always be remembered by her fans. You did a fantastic job on this one.

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