MedTech Marketing: A Business Model for Medical Technologies and Medical Devices

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Medical Technology Marketing (MedTech Marketing) is a business model for medical technologies and medical devices. Anyone who wants to make a difference in the medical technology business should attend MedTech Marketing (MedTech is short for medical devices and medical technologies). “Can you tell me what it takes to succeed in the MedTech industry?”

Medtech marketing agency Summary

MedTech Marketing. The book attempts to answer this question by presenting a business model, theory, concrete action plans, real-life case studies, best-in-class examples, and industry experts’ perspectives. MedTech marketing is a relatively new discipline, yet it is essential. Due to increased competition, time to market, sales curves, and staying ahead of the competition are all getting more difficult and complex.

increased regulatory demands and shifting payer structures •pressure on healthcare expenses and reimbursement •need for highly specialized capabilities and value-based evidence •optimal digital and analog considerations in the marketing mix •universal and severe competition

They are expensive components that necessitate a laser-like concentration and precise prioritization. This book presents a new MedTech model that solves the industry’s issues by taking you from idea development to market success if you seek a clear, uncomplicated, cost-efficient, and structured procedure.

Online MedTech Marketing Book Details

Title of BookMedTech Marketing: A Business Model for Medical Technologies and Medical Devices
Publisher:Gyldendal Akademisk 
Publishing Date (July 1, 2018)
Language :English
ISBN :8741268857 – 978-8741268859
Pages373 pages

About The Author MedTech Marketing

Sinua Partners ApS has two managing partners: Charlotte Bruun Piester and Marianne Rosager. They have more than 50 years of combined expertise in the health care and life cycle industries.

Conclusion: Medtech Marketing Agency Book

The entire description of how MedTech products come to life, from idea to design, development, testing, documentation, and marketing and success, is a unique element of this book.” —Henrik Harboe, a medical doctor and entrepreneur.

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