Microsoft Word Step by Step PDF (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)

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Microsoft Word Step by Step PDF (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365). The quickest method to learn Office 365 Word! This is how easy learning can be. With Word for Office 365, you can get more done in less time. Quick lectures and informative screenshots teach you exactly what to do, step by step, wherever you need answers.

To improve communication, create great-looking, well-organized documents. For easier access to information, use headings, bookmarks, and footnotes. Use diagrams and charts to help you visualize information. Use 3D models, iconography, and screen clippings to illustrate concepts. In real-time, collaborate, track changes, and co-author documents. Ensure that electronic records are secure and private.

Create a table of contents, indexes, and equations in a flash. Personalize emails, letters, labels, envelopes, directories, and catalogs. Custom styles, themes, templates, and building blocks boost productivity. Only look up the assignments and lessons you require.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365 Apps)

  • Explore Office
  • Create and manage files

Part 2: Microsoft Word

  • Modify the structure and appearance of the text
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Merge data with documents and labels

Part 3: Excel

  • Perform calculations on data
  • Manage worksheet data
  • Reorder and summarize data
  • Analyze alternative data sets

Part 4: PowerPoint

  • Create and manage slides
  • Insert and manage simple graphics
  • Add sound and movement to slides

Part 5: Microsoft Outlook

  • Send and receive email messages
  • Organize your Inbox
  • Manage to schedule

Appendix: Keyboard shortcuts

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