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Mindfulness Meditation

Alfred James’ Mindfulness Exercises, now in its fourth edition, has been read by thousands of people around the world and is still used by professionals in a variety of treatment programs and medical institutes.

The exercises in this book assist people from all areas of life discover quiet, clarity, and contentment, from stress and anxiety to PTSD and addiction.

These exercises provide a respite from the stresses of everyday life; a place where we may pause and disconnect from the erratic nature of our minds, which constantly tugs our focus in different places.

Mindfulness exercises help us to overcome our mind’s judgemental and self-limiting assumptions, allowing us to achieve mental clarity and inner calm.

You can use these exercises to step into the present moment and find emotional equilibrium whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Book Chapters

Each activity in the book begins with a description of the living area being addressed. This is followed by step-by-step directions for doing the exercise, and the exercise concludes with a summary that includes additional thoughts and underlines the linked advantages of regular practice.

Chapter 1. Self-Awareness ??Watching the Breath of Life

Chapter 2. Freeing the Mind ??Expelling Negativity

Chapter 3. Being Present ??Pacing the Square of Reality

Chapter 4. Releasing Attachment ??Tech-Free for a Day

Chapter 5. Self-realization ? Life Through the Eyes of an Ant

Chapter 6. Self-Discovery ??Entering a Mindful Silence

Chapter 7. Self-Liberation ??Freedom in the Wind

Chapter 8. Appreciation (Mindful Eating) ??The Raisin of Life

Chapter 9. Understanding the Nature of Mind ? Observing Your?Thoughts

Chapter 10. Being Here ??Letting Go

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When you buy the book, you’ll also get two 30-minute mindfulness meditation mp3s for free: “Spiritual Consciousness” and “Mindfulness Meditation” ($19.98 value).

(About The Author) – How to Practice Mindfulness

Alfred James is the originator of the renowned Pocketmindfulness.com blog, as well as a mindfulness trainer and book.? James helps people eliminate attachment to the past and fear about the future by using a combination of positive habits, conscious thinking, and meditation practices to find opportunity and contentment in the present now.

James’ work is still being utilized by therapists and doctors to help people in PTSD support groups, anger management programs, and addiction recovery, as well as by thousands of people to manage anxiety and stress.

The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Mindful are just a few of the major outlets where James has been featured.

Mindfulness Exercises Release Date

  • ASIN ? : ??B08D4VS7HQ
  • Publisher ? : ??Independently published (July 16, 2020)
  • Language ? : ??English
  • Paperback ? : ??79 pages
  • ISBN-13 ? : ??979-8666817513

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