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MODI 20 Book Dreams Meet Delivery. In Indian politics, Narendra Modi’s emergence is a watershed moment. Indeed, his impact on India is so great that the country’s governance paradigm and political history can easily be separated into two periods: pre-Modi and post-Modi.

Modi 20 Book Summary

In 2001, Modi was elected chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat. After that, he won every election and became the state’s longest-serving chief minister. Modi roamed Gujarat like a behemoth; more significant duties awaited, spurring multi-dimensional prosperity.

Modi’s outstanding performance in Gujarat prepared the stage for him to be overwhelmingly elected Prime Minister of India in 2014. In terms of popularity and body of work, he is unlike any other prime minister before him. Consequently,

His appeal stems from his work in various fields over the course of a long social, political, and administrative career. Modi’s influence is not limited to India; several national and international surveys consistently declare him the most popular leader in the world.

Modi will have served as Prime Minister for twenty years in 2021. This book, which is made up of chapters written by famous intellectuals and domain specialists, aims to provide a comprehensive look at the fundamental transformation of Gujarat and India over the last two decades as a result of Modi’s unique governance approach.

Modi 20 Release Date

Book Name:     [email protected] Book Dreams Meet Delivery
Publisher:Rupa Publications India 
Publishing Date(1 May 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :978-9355203632

About Author: Modi 20 Book Author

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Conclusion: MODI 20 Book Dreams Meet Delivery

This book is quite informative and contains minute facts regarding the country’s development. Everyone should read this book. We love you, Sir, and this is an eye-opening book for those who wonder what the prime minister has done thus far.

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