Moon Knight Charlie Huston

Moon Knight Charlie Huston, Benson & Hurwitz Omnibus (Moon Knight Omnibus)

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Moon Knight Charlie Huston, Benson & Hurwitz Omnibus (Moon Knight Omnibus). Marc Spector was once the Egyptian god Khonshu’s Earth manifestation, and Spector and Khonshu are now at odds. Moon Knight is yearning to return to the hero game, but each combat brings him closer to the edge in terms of violence and sanity! As the Moon Knight struggles to navigate the superhero Civil War.
He finds himself in the crosshairs of Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts! Spector must seek safety in one of his many personalities far away, but the call of vengeance is too strong to keep him away for long. Will Moon Knight Charlie Huston be able to recapture his noble beliefs, or will he be dragged back into Khonshu’s clutches?

COLLECTING: Moon Knight Charlie Huston

  • Moon Knight (2006) 1-30,
  • Moon Knight Annual (2007) 1,
  • Moon Knight: Silent Knight (2008) 1,
  • Vengeance of the Moon Knight (2009) 1-10,
  • Shadowland: Moon Knight (2010) 1-3

Moon Knight Charlie Huston Omnibus Release Date

Book Name:     Moon Knight By Huston, Benson & Hurwitz Omnibus (Moon Knight Omnibus)
Publishing Date(May 17, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :1302934562
Page1184 pages

Aurthor: Moon Knight Charlie Huston

Charlie Huston is the best-selling author of The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death and The Shotgun Rule, the Henry Thompson trilogy, Joe Pitt casebooks, and various Marvel Comics series. He resides in Los Angeles with his family.

Conclusion: Moon Knight Explained

Moon Knight Charlie Huston One of my all-time favourite comics is The Bottom. It came out when I was young and has been with me ever since. Unfortunately, my copy did not survive the journey. And it’s been out of print for a long time! So I ordered it when I saw it. However, this occurred months ago, and I had entirely forgotten about it.

The dates changed a few times, and the price was far too low for the value of the comic. I assumed it was a ruse or something. I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. This collection includes the first two graphic novels and a bonus narrative. It’s large, magnificent, and shining. I’m thrilled to have my own finally

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