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OpenID Connect in Action. This is an example-driven tutorial to using OpenID Connect, the OAuth-based identity layer that keeps billions of user interactions safe every day, to secure access to your applications.

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OpenID Connect is a simple solution to a complicated problem: login security. OpenID Connect in Action delves into the inner workings of this dependable identity layer, demonstrating how to use it in a server-side web application, a single-page application (SPA), a native mobile app, APIs, and more.

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OpenID Connect in Action shows you how to use OpenID Connect to secure app access. Prabath Siriwardena, a ten-year access management veteran, walks you through the widely used technology, demonstrating how to improve OpenID Connect for your application’s specific use cases. You’ll work on securing end-to-end React and React Native sample apps, as well as developing solutions for Smart TVs and APIs.

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About Author: The Well-Grounded Python Developer Book

Prabath Siriwardena has worked in access management and security for over a decade. He’s worked on security solutions for several Fortune 500 businesses and spoken at some of the world’s most prestigious security events..

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