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Hi, Reader Welcome to your blog in this article today we are discussing Orphan X Books In Order. Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X series are included 11 books in total right now dated 8/2/2023. Available online and offline in all worldwide for sale.

Below are the series-wise details given you can click the below link and buy or online read books. The books Orphan X, Buy a Bullet, The Nowhere Man, Hellbent, The Intern, Out of the Dark, Into the Fire, The List, Prodigal Son, Dark Horse, and The Last Orphan are the list of books.

Orphan X Books In Order

Orphan X Books In Order Table List

Name of BooksPubYearPagesBook Link
The Last Orphan2023Hardcover
Dark Horse2022Audiobook 
Prodigal Son2021Audiobook 
The List2020Audiobook
Into the Fire2020Audiobook
Out of the Dark2019Audiobook
The Intern2018Audiobook
The Nowhere Man2017Audiobook
Buy a Bullet2016Audiobook
Orphan X2016Audiobook

The Last Orphan: An Orphan X Novel: 8

The Last Orphan: An Orphan X Novel: 8ir?t=mcartshopee 21&language=en IN&l=li2&o=31&a=1250252326

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FAQ- Orphan X Books In Order Audiobook 2023

In what order do I read Orphan X books?

  1. Orphan X,
  2. Buy a Bullet,
  3. The Nowhere Man,
  4. Hellbent,
  5. The Intern,
  6. Out of the Dark,
  7. Into the Fire,
  8. The List,
  9. Prodigal Son,
  10. Dark Horse,
  11. The Last Orpha

How Many Orphan X Novels Are There?

  • A total of 15 Novels are available.

Will There Be an Orphan X Book 8?

  • The eighth book in Hurwitz’s Orphan X series, the Last Orphan will be released on February 14, 2023.

Who is the author of Orphan X books?

  • The Name of Gregg Hurwitz wrote the Orphan X series of books.

When Were These Books Written?

  • The Author Gregg Hurwitz wrote 1st book in 2016 and the latest book was released on 14 Feb 2023.

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