Patanjali Camel Milk Powder Price (पतंजलि ऊंट दूध पाउडर कीमत)

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Dear Reader welcomes to this blog today I am informing you about the topic these days people search on google ” Patanjali Camel Milk Powder Price – पतंजलि ऊंट दूध पाउडर कीमत”, Patanjali Camel Whole Milk Powder is available in 50 g and 500 g packages. The price of the 500 g package is ₹325 on Carrydor, ₹2,439 on Flipkart, and ₹799 on Amazon. and many more websites you check and Buy this given below link.

Patanjali Camel Milk Powder Price

Patanjali camel milk powder ingredients

Patanjali Camel Whole Milk Powder is made from pasteurized camel milk and contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and calcium. It is a good source of all beneficial vitamins B2, B12, and C, as well as iron which very need by our body to grow. And the very interesting factor is that It has a lower fat content than cow’s milk. Below is the link to buy or Check Patanjali Camel Milk Powder Price

Some Other Camel Milk Brands in India

HYE FOODS Milky Dunes | Camel Milk Powder | Strawberry

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Desert Farms Organic Whole Camel Milk Powder Certified

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Original Camel Milk Powder

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Patanjali Camel Whole Milk Powder

Buy it on Amazon

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ऊंटनी के दूध के फायदे – Benefits of Camel Milk in English

  • Good For Your Musculoskeletal disorders and Diabetes.
  • Very Good Source of Protein.
  • A powerhouse of Nutrition you can use daily.
  • Strengthing of Immune System in our body.

ऊंटनी के दूध के फायदे – Benefits of Camel Milk in Hindi

  • लिवर के लिए फायदेमंद
  • कैंसर से बचाव में मददगार
  • आटिज्म के लक्षणों को कम करे
  • मधुमेह को नियंत्रित करे
  • आंत से जुड़ी समस्या से आराम
  • एलर्जी से आराम दिलाए
  • किडनी के लिए ऊंटनी का दूध
  • माइक्रोबियल संक्रमण से आराम दिलाए

Swami Ramdev | इन रोगों से बचने के लिए करें बकरी व ऊँटनी के दूध का सेवन

FAQ- Patanjali Camel Milk Powder

Which brand is best for camel milk powder?

  • All Pure camel Milk Power are the best for your health.

What is the cost of camel milk powder?

  • it depend its qty. Min- 299 to Max 3000

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