Patanjali Natural Water Bottle (B) 1 LTR

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Patanjali Natural Water Bottle, Friends, today I am going to tell you that in Patanjali, I Ramdev have launched a new product in the market, its name is Patanjali Natural Water, and it is being told about it that this nature is absolutely high-quality water which is of Himalaya.

Patanjali Natural Water Bottle

Patanjali Natural Water

Ingredients: Patanjali Water Bottle

  • Mineral composition – mg/ 1000 ml
  • Calcium 65-75
  • Bicarbonate 270-330
  • Potassium 0.7-1.5
  • Nitrates < 5
  • Sodium 5-10
  • Magnesium 10-20
  • Fluorides 0.1-0.3
  • pH 7.1-7.8

Use Time: Patanjali Water Bottle Near Me

Patanjali Natural Water, Best before 12 months from packaging.

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