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Dear reader today this blog is about Francine Rivers books in order. Francine Rivers American author of fiction with Christian themes who has written a number of standalone novels and books she is very famous in America and worldwide.

Francine Rivers Books In Order

Francine Rivers Books In Order Details Summary

Publication Order of Mark of the Lion Books

Books in OrderPubYearAuthorSeries NoAvailable
Kathleen1979Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Rebel In His Arms1981Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Heart’s Divided1983Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
This Golden Valley1983Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Sarina1983Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Heart In Hiding1984Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Not So Wild a Dream1985Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Pagan Heart1985Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Sycamore Hill1985Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Outlaw’s Embrace1986Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Fire in the Heart1987Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Redeeming Love1991Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
The Scarlet Thread1995Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
The Atonement Child1997Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
The Last Sin Eater1998Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Leota’s Garden1999Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
And The Shofar Blew2003Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
Bridge to Haven2014Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
The Masterpiece2018Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook
The Lady’s Mine2022Francine RiversNovelsAudiobook

Publication Order of Mark of the Lion Books

A Voice in the Wind1993Francine RiversMark of the Lion BooksAudiobook
An Echo in the Darkness1994Francine RiversMark of the Lion BooksAudiobook
As Sure as the Dawn1995Francine RiversMark of the Lion BooksAudiobook

Publication Order of Lineage of Grace Books

Unveiled: Tamar2000Francine RiversLineage of Grace BooksAudiobook
Unashamed: Rahab2000Francine RiversLineage of Grace BooksAudiobook
Unshaken: Ruth2001Francine RiversLineage of Grace BooksAudiobook
Unspoken: Bathsheba2001Francine RiversLineage of Grace BooksAudiobook
Unafraid: Mary2001Francine RiversLineage of Grace BooksAudiobook

Publication Order of Marta’s Legacy Books

Her Mother’s Hope2010Francine RiversMarta’s Legacy BooksAudiobook
Her Daughter’s Dream2010Francine RiversMarta’s Legacy BooksAudiobook

Publication Order of Sons of Encouragement Books

The Warrior: Caleb1998Francine RiversEncouragementAudiobook
The Priest: Aaron2004Francine RiversEncouragementAudiobook
The Prince: Jonathan2005Francine RiversEncouragementAudiobook
The Prophet: Amos2006Francine RiversEncouragementAudiobook
The Scribe: Silas2007Francine RiversEncouragementAudiobook

FAQ- Francine Rivers Books In Order

Who is the author of Francine Rivers series?

  • The author is Francine Rivers, a famous lady.

Are Francine Rivers books Biblical?

  • Yes

Is Redeeming Love a series?

  • The Redeeming Love is a very famous 2022 American Christian Western romance film.

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