Best Latest 5 Pete Hegseth Book

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Best Latest 5 Pete Hegseth Book

1. Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation

Early progressives had political control in mind while hiding behind the smokescreen of “preparing students for the new industrial economy.” The first schools in America encouraged children to think critically and arrive at wisdom, not only to retain information or acquire skills. They taught the classics, instilled a love for God and nation, and produced future generations of people who changed the course of history.

Today, our children leave government schools with a hatred for America after 16,000 hours of K–12 indoctrination. They mock our history and shake their noses at religion. Despite spending more money than ever on education, children still struggle to read and write, let alone use discernment. The Western way of life is under trouble. In a system that promotes racial and ethnic discrimination, children are aimless and bored.

2. Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes

Pete Hegseth understands what it takes to be a modern warrior after serving in the Army for three deployments and receiving two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

He searches for truthful responses to important topics like, “What prompted them to serve?” in Modern Soldiers, where he provides frank, unedited talks with other modern warriors. What is left behind? What exactly does sacrifice mean to them? How do they deal with grief? What can this most recent generation of soldiers teach civilians?

3. American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free

In American Crusade, Pete Hegseth investigates whether the election of President Donald J. Trump signalled a new era for the country or rather represented the last stand of a people who had given in to Leftist demands for socialism, globalism, atheism, and politically correct elitism. Can the true America triumph? How then?

Hegseth is a traditional patriot who is determined to contribute to the preservation of our Republic. This book honours everything that America stands for while inspiring and rallying readers to be prepared to protect and save our wonderful nation. Hegseth demonstrates the common sense of everyday Americans and how prepared they are to engage in the cultural war as he traverses the nation speaking to Americans from all walks of life. 

4. In the Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic

In this fascinating “road-map for rejecting decline and forging another American century,” Pete Hegseth makes “an impassioned, wide-ranging” argument for how Teddy Roosevelt’s articulation of “good citizens,” “equality of opportunity,” and unapologetic US leadership—”good patriots”—can renew our imperilled American experiment and save the free world. Rich Lowry is the editor of National Review (Mark Levin).

Hegseth contends that the admonition of the Rough Rider serves as a timeless wake-up call for our Republic notwithstanding debate surrounding Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy. We must resolutely enter Roosevelt’s arena as active “good citizens” at home and strong “good patriots” abroad in order to revive what makes America great.

5. The Case Against the Establishment

The Establishment, led by elitists from Hollywood to New York, has unleashed an unparalleled onslaught of hate and hypocrisy with the singular goal of thwarting President Trump’s attempts to restore greatness to the United States.

Every day we witness it! On college campuses, where free speech is violently suppressed by anti-free speech activists, professors indoctrinate instead of educating, safe spaces coddle the entitled, and where “fake news” is sold, everything from riots and fake outrage to attacks on conservative voices, condescending speeches at Hollywood award shows, sports broadcasts pushing Establishment propaganda, and everything in between.

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