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Applied Artificial Intelligence. The buzzword of the day is “artificial intelligence.” You’ve probably read your fair share of media hype, either predicting doom and gloom in which machines take our jobs or expecting a new utopia in which AI solves all of humanity’s issues

Summary Application of Ai

What does it mean for your role as a corporate leader, though? Applied Artificial Intelligence is a practical handbook for corporate executives passionate about using machine intelligence to improve their firms’ efficiency and community quality of life.

This is your playbook if you want to create enterprise-wide innovation by combining data, technology, design, and people to solve real-world challenges. This book does not bore you with generalisations about humanity’s future or overload you with troubleshooting TensorFlow code.

Instead, we’ll show you how to lead successful AI efforts by choosing the right opportunities, assembling a diverse team of experts, performing strategic tests, and intentionally creating your solutions to benefit both your company and society.

Applied Artificial Intelligence book is dedicated to assisting you in making concrete business decisions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Applied Artificial Intelligence is the most excellent practical guide for business executives wishing to obtain actual value from the deployment of machine learning technology, written with the combined knowledge of three experts in the area.

Release Date Application of Artificial Intelligence

Book Name:Applied Artificial Intelligence
Publishing Date(April 30, 2018)
Language :English

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About Author: Applied Ai Machine Learning

Mariya Yao is the Editor-in-Chief of TOPOS, the largest publication and network for enterprise AI professionals, and the Chief Technology Officer of Metamaven, an AI firm that automates sales growth for multinational enterprises.

Adelyn is a growth and technology industry leader who is fascinated by the intersections between marketing, automation, and the future of work. Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Wired, and IBM Watson have all recognised her as a prominent influencer in marketing and artificial intelligence (AI).

She’s worked at Amazon (Quidsi), Eventbrite, TOPBOTS, and Nextdoor, overseeing growth efforts. She advises SignalFire’s portfolio of firms on marketing and serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs incubated at NYU Tandon Future Labs and IBM’s AI XPRIZE.?

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Conclusion: Applied Artificial Intelligence Reviews

As someone who creates algorithms for making predictions and automating processes, I frequently have to talk overly optimistic corporate leaders down from their high expectations about how AI would improve their operations. This book provides a high-level overview of the benefits of implementing this technology in businesses.

While it lacks depth on many delicate topics (e.g., the black-boxy nature of most algorithms), it should provide enough context for an organisation leader to have a productive debate about why and how AI fits into their company goals.

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