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Are You Enjoying Mira Sethi Pdf Download | Mira Sethi Hindu  Are You Enjoying It?’ is a moving, funny, and heartbreaking film. Since I’d been granted access to these folks’ most intimate lives, I couldn’t put this book down.’ Rupi Kaur is an internationally recognized Indian vocalist.

‘Mira Sethi’s stories are unique windows into contemporary Pakistani society; they are original, intelligent, and bold.’ Mohsin Hamid (Mohsin Hamid) (Mohsin Hamid)

Childhood best friends decide to marry to keep their sexuality disguised. A young heiress embarks on a covert affair that ends badly, but not for the person she imagined. A depressed, divorced man makes contact with his next-door American neighbor.

As part of a radicalized student’s preparations for his sister’s wedding in Lahore, the groom is beaten severely. An actress from a rich Karachi family is forced to grow up quickly on the set of her first major TV show, with the true drama taking place off-screen.

A fascinating, ambitious debut collection of short stories from one of Pakistan’s most exciting young writers, upending traditional notions of identity, interrogating the relationship between power and desire, and brimming with energy and wit.

About the Author: Are You Enjoying Mira Sethi?

Mira Sethi is a writer as well as an actor. Sethi grew up in Lahore and went to Wellesley College before working at The Wall Street Journal as a books editor.

She’s published op-eds for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian, among other publications. Sethi appears on Pakistani television shows on a regular basis. She currently splits her time between Lahore, Karachi, and San Francisco.

Are You Enjoying Mira Sethi Book Details :

Book Name:Are You Enjoying Mira Sethi
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing?
Release Date:(27 May 2021)
Language :English
Pages :380 g
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