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‘Are You Enjoying It?’ is an emotional, humorous, and gut-wrenching film. I couldn’t put this book down since I’d been let into these characters’ most private lives.’ Rupi Kaur is a well-known Indian singer.

‘Mira Sethi’s stories are fresh, clever, and brave, offering unique glimpses into current Pakistani life.’ Mohsin Hamid (Mohsin Hamid)

To keep their sexuality hidden, childhood best buddies decide to marry. A young heiress begins a secret affair that ends in disaster, but not for the person that expected it. A depressed divorcee makes contact with his American next-door neighbor.

The groom is beaten up as part of a radicalized student’s preparations for his sister’s wedding in Lahore. On the set of her first major TV show, an actress from a privileged Karachi family is forced to grow up quickly, with the true drama taking place off-screen.

A thrilling, ambitious debut story collection from one of Pakistan’s most intriguing young writers, upending traditional concepts of identity, scrutinizing the link between power and desire, and fizzing with energy and wit.


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