Cissp for Dummies 7th Edition


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Cissp for Dummies 7th Edition, With this comprehensive study plan, you will be CISSP certified in no time! CISSP For Dummies has been updated for the revised 2021 exam and is jam-packed with everything you will need to ace the exam.

Summary Cissp For Dummies 7th Edition

This book assists aspiring security professionals in unlocking the door to success on this high-stakes test by providing an in-depth material review on each subject, tonnes of practice questions, and online study aids. This book, produced by CISSP professionals, goes beyond the exam material and includes advice on creating a 60-day study plan, exam-day recommendations, and access to an online question bank.

With CISSP For Dummies, you can relax on test day!?Examine every last information you will need to pass the CISSP exam. From security and risk management to software development security, master all 8 test domains. Get to know the test blueprint for 2021.

You can improve your performance with an online test bank, digital flashcards, and exam-day suggestions. This book is your secret weapon while studying for the CISSP exam if you’re a security expert pursuing certification.

Release Date Cissp for Dummies

Book Name:Cissp for Dummies 7th Edition
Publisher:For Dummies; Seventh edition?
Publishing Date(March 15, 2022)
Language :English

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About Author: Cissp Certification Book

Lawrence C. Miller, CISSP, has worked in information security for over a decade. He has worked as a consultant for large organizations and has a number of networking certifications.

Peter H. Gregory, CISSP, is a security, risk, and technology director who has worked in SAAS, retail, telecommunications, non-profits, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. For more than 20 years, Larry and Peter have collaborated on CISSP For Dummies.

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Conclusion: Cissp Exam Book Reviews

You have at least five years of professional security experience, so now is the time to advance your career with the CISSP. This book is your ticket to test-day success and beyond. You’ll learn everything there is to know about the (ISC)2 certification and what to expect on the exam.

Learn everything there is to know about each of the eight domains and practice with practice questions and online study resources to make test day a breeze. This most recent edition also includes all of the 2021 exam revisions. CISSP For Dummies is your one-stop-shop as you push your career to new heights, with exam-day hints and suggestions for making the most of your CISSP certification.

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