Cloud Security Book: Using AWS, Azure, and GCP By Eyal Estrin


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Cloud Security Book: Using AWS, Azure, and GCP By Eyal Estrin. A thorough reference guide on protecting the fundamental building blocks of cloud services, complete with real-world examples of using Azure, AWS, and GCP built-in services and capabilities

Summary Aws Security Book

Given that each cloud provider has distinct techniques and processes for securing resources in the cloud. The Cloud Security Handbook explains how to incorporate security best practices into each infrastructure component found in public clouds.

This book will teach information security and cloud engineers how to identify the dangers associated with the public cloud and implement security controls as they design, create, and operate cloud infrastructures. 

Before diving into computing, storage, networking, identity management, encryption, and more, you’ll learn about shared responsibility, cloud service, and cloud deployment models. Following that, you’ll learn about prevalent dangers and how to stay compliant in cloud environments.

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Scale environments, including hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments, as you gain experience. This book covers cloud services in general, but it also includes practical examples of how to use the built-in services and capabilities of AWS, Azure, and GCP.

What you will learn: Mastering Azure Security

  • Secure computing, storage, and networking services in the cloud
  • Get to grips with identity management in the cloud
  • Audit and monitor cloud services from a security point of view
  • Identify common threats and implement encryption solutions in cloud services
  • Maintain security and compliance in the cloud
  • Implement security in hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Design and maintain security in a large-scale cloud environment

Table of Contents: Best Cloud Security Books

  1. Introduction to Cloud Security
  2. Effective Strategies to Implement IAM Solutions
  3. Monitoring and Auditing of Your Cloud Environments
  4. Applying Encryption in Cloud Services
  5. Understanding Common Security Threats to Cloud Computing
  6. Handling Compliance and Regulation
  7. Engaging with Cloud Providers
  8. Managing Hybrid Clouds
  9. Managing Multi-Cloud Environments
  10. Security in Large-Scale Environments

Best Cloud Security Books Release Date

Book Name:Cloud Security Book: Find out how to effectively secure cloud environments using AWS, Azure, and GCP
Publisher:Packt Publishing 
Publishing Date(April 14, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :9781800569195
File Size: / Pages456

Author Google Cloud Security Book

Since 2015, Eyal Estrin has worked with cloud services as a cloud security architect. From both an IT and security standpoint, he has been involved in designing and deploying cloud environments. He has experience with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud in various settings (in the banking, academia, and healthcare sectors). 

He holds multiple top cloud security certifications, including CCSP, CCSK, and AWS. He shares his knowledge with cloud experts worldwide via social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and more).

Conclusion: Cloud Security Books Pdf

This book is for IT and information security professionals who are new to the public cloud or moving current environments to the cloud. This book will also help cloud engineers, cloud architects, and cloud security experts who maintain production environments in the cloud. You will get the most out of this book if you have prior experience deploying virtual machines, using storage services, and networking

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